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Gosha Kutsenko on “Kinotavr” showed a movie about oncologists – Moskovsky Komsomolets

And it took two wives

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On passing in Sochi 27th open Russian Film Festival “Kinotavr” in the number of newcomers appeared Gosha Kutsenko. Becoming a filmmaker, he settled down. Gosh – this in the past, he is now – Yuri and a neurosurgeon at the city hospital, far from the capital, to save lives and broken hearts women

Gosh, aka Yuriy Kutsenko. Photo by press-service of “Kinotavr»

The debut picture “Doctor” Yuri Kutsenko – a family in every sense. His mother was a doctor, and then seriously ill. Together with her, he went through all the circles of hell, for two years doing everything possible to conquer death. Then, and struck up a friendship with surgeons, oncologists

At the site (and filmed in real empty hospital at the time of the reorganization) agreed two wives Kutsenko -. Ex-wife, the mother of his daughter Pauline – Marie Poroshina and a young wife and mother daughter Eugenia – actress Irina Skrinichenko. In the film, many characters associated with the surgeon Yuri Mikhailovich very close relationship. This is the image of a dream -. To be wholly-owned Don Juan

The film is made in the trend of world cinema to the actual production theme. On the screen we see how the operation organs pulsing, the surgeon’s scalpel embedded in them. Someone closes his eyes, not to see the blood.

Yuri Mikhailovich, played Kutsenko, can do everything. It even operates with sim-card. But at the same time obsessed with fear and do not want, as has happened more than once with his patients, to become a “vegetable.” That’s asking a colleague in a decisive and exaggerated version of Mary Poroshina if anything to spare him from suffering, enter a lethal dose of insulin. “If you love – kill!” – Such his request

Gosh spent the night in a hospital room where the shooting took place, 1.5 months.. He worked for 18 hours. He – a touching and gentle man, in spite of the brutal appearance. Gosh tried very hard, but this did not save him from the many troubles. The film turned out endless, he did not have a hard script (he wrote) and the constant presence in the shot did not contribute to directing. Probably, it was necessary by something to give: either you – the director, or – actor

Do yourself Ghosh shot for free.. Similarly: Gosha Kutsenko shot Yuri Kutsenko for free. Two of his name Uncredited. He gathered around him a good friends who could support – Anna Mikhalkov, classmate Alain Khmelnytsky. For help Kutsenko turned to a friend and director Viktor Shamirov, and he did his version of the circuit, from which Gosha eventually abandoned. Now 49-year-old director of the newly happy that debuted to 50. I managed!

The actor’s work seems to him a routine. He had no acting prize, but there is a prize “Kinotavr” for the script, and now hulk director’s intentions. Kutsenko said that the author has removed the movie, by which we understand is still something else. It represents Andrei Tarkovsky. But if there had been “doctor” in France, it would have added to this category, if not to the category of television.

Sam Ghosh stayed at “Kinotavr” day, urgently summoned to Moscow to film “Christmas trees.” But here’s what he said about his work: “When there is hope, you are imbued with an oncologist so that he seems to you God. And then comes the moment when you realize that there is no God. I – just a small page in the multi-volume edition, and oncologists – a huge grief servers that is going on around them in large quantities. For me, my mother care – the saddest page. Forgive me if I’m someone brought bitter memories of his film

Why does my surgeon -. Womanizer? I needed heart troubles. Doctors, as artists, they live in a family with one finger, and the whole body at work.

I know a surgeon who was hit by a car, and to his lady love to come to the House. The situation was a comedy. And my character – not a lot of women: his wife, his old love and new love … Only four. There’s sex and does not smell. The main thing for him – work. And women need to show how much he is faithful scalpel and open the skull. This is a picture of a doctor pursuit of happiness. The surgeon is happy that stood for 12 hours in the operating table.

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

The jury “Kinotavr” Maria Shalaev, Nikolai Lebedev, Sergei Shakur and his wife.

I took the movie to physicians and patients. I did not want to build them monuments – without contrasts would have been a Hall of Fame. Therefore, my hero and utters the phrase: “If you love – kill!”. And he rescues. I shot on the biggest mountain of my life, maybe this is my stupidity, but I told him that he felt and feel that dozens of people. Doctors watched a movie, and then I had something removed. Understand that these people made of tears, but it seems that they are made of stone »

Alain Khmelnytsky was not afraid of superstition play a woman whose brain cancer:.” I share the life and career I somehow managed to agree with myself. Gosh – my classmate, my old friend. He has – a huge heart, and he did not spare any on-site or in life. So I had no doubt, to act in his film or not. The diagnosis, which I’m associated with loss of smell and hysterical heroine. She sees the edge, so it has many extra decorations, inappropriate evening dress. She feels stifled and smell, so it is just two bottles of perfume ».

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

Anna Mikhalkov

On the day of the premiere of “Doctor” at 9 am filmmakers and. distributors gathered at the business breakfast, which was discussed the problems of theatrical release original paintings. The discussion was attended by selector Cannes Film Festival Joel Shapro. We do not have a clear definition of “author’s cinema”, and in France the commission of 100 people has watched all the movies released in the rental, and assigns them to the appropriate category. In 2014, 382 films were recognized arthouse and amounted to 60 percent of the total.

Alain Sviridov likes to watch movies. Photo by press-service of “Kinotavr».

The other committee of 20 people, assigns arthouse cinemas status. In the same year in France there were 1116, and they accounted for a third session in a year. We is not even dream – we auteur cinema market almost extinct. Nobody wants to work and even watch a serious movie, engaged in the search for a new one. That is why the “Kinotavr” from year to year more and more difficult the program is going. In the future, with the existing kinopolitiki there is a risk at all to sit down in a puddle.

While distributors and kinoteoretiki discussing serious issues, a free people engaged 8am yoga. Since it starts at the “Kinotavr” every day. Wishing is not very much, but there are fans like Tariverdiyeva Faith – musicologist and propagandist heritage of her late husband – composer Tariverdiev. Converge in the morning on yoga, then great you feel throughout the day, the more that conducts classes specially come every year from Moscow in the truest sense of yoga philosophy.

«Kinotavr” waiting Sergei Bezrukov arrival, played Ballet film his young wife Anna Mathison, “After you.” Its premiere was not – is not allowed to do. But he is about to meet with reporters to talk about what it means to oblivion once famous actor.

For the “collector” newcomer Alexis Konstantin Krasovsky respond Habensky. He played the role of the collector, the person who calls and says a short phrase: “Give the money.” His whole life – continuous phone calls. Many of the actors were selected by voice, including extras. All these people have been hating hero Knightley. That’s another film production. Doctors, ballet artists, collectors … Who’s next? And at the Theater Square showed the film jury chairman Nikolai Lebedev’s “Crew”, whose characters – pilots



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