Sunday, June 26, 2016

“Independence Day Rises” could not take the top spot at the US box office – BBC

the incredible happened – the triumphant return of “Independence Day” on the screens failed. Blockbuster Roland Emeriha “Independence Day Rises” was launched in the North American box office on the second line, raking in $ 41.6 million – at 165 million budget is quite modest. The film tells how twenty years after the events of the first film (when combined Terran army inflicted a defeat aliens) to the Earth fly new alien invaders who heard an SOS signal sent directly to the deaths of past villains. Take the fight characters Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman are taken again and the young heroes, played by Liam Hemsworth and Jesse Asher. Some analysts attributed the modest start pattern that the producers failed to persuade Will Smith’s return to the role of the heroic pilot Steven Hiller.

On the other hand, played a role, it seems, that the current United States has little in common with the prosperous Clinton’s America, which really made sense to be afraid unless aliens.

In other words, rather than indulge in nostalgia, American audiences prefer to go and see cartoon “Finding Dory”, which has kept the first place and for the second week of hire has collected $ 73.2 million (the total box office for two weeks – $ 286.6 million). The plot of the sequel “Finding Nemo” is about the fish Dory, who is looking for parents and suffers from problems with short-term memory, which, however, likely to help than hinder her and her friends.

in general, the picture, on which work was carried out for three years, is perhaps the most life-affirming kinopredlozhenie this summer, but judging by the delights of criticism, and even fall into the lists of the best of the year and possibly acquire a continuation soon.

In the third place fell comedy “half Spy” with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart. The painting, depicting the high school friends who, through social networks were team-mates at a government job, raised $ 18.4 million (total fees amounted to $ 69.3 million). The film was another success directed comedy “We – the Millers’ Rawson Marshall Thurber, which secures its position as the cash comedy: critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes website at” Half Spy “is a very respectable 65%

On the fourth. place another novelty. “Shoal” – a rather old-fashioned fun:

blonde surfer played by Blake Lively gamely throws himself into the ocean to catch a big wave, but facing nose to nose with a huge shark, which drives it on a sandbank and leads to a duel.

The fight girls and Water predator could easily remove the author of “Faster, pussycat! Kill, kill “Russ Meyer, but picked up the story Jaume Serra Colette – the director of” Orphan “and” Air Marshall “, specializing in resuscitation of classical genres. As a result, the film has a 74% rating from critics and $ 16.7 million in its first weekend – given the 17 millionth budget, it could be called a big success

And finally closes the top five patriotic blockbuster “Free State. Jones “- the story of a handful of Confederate deserters, who decided to fight against the slave trade. This film marks the return to the screens Matthew McConaughey, who after starring in “Interstellar” for some time did not appear on the screen in large projects. However, the big stars attended the film did not help – a modest $ 7.8 million in its first weekend



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