Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The creators of the gold cases for iPhone «prifotoshopili” Putin T-shirt Rammstein leader – BBC

the Caviar brand, which specializes in the production of expensive covers for the iPhone made of gold and platinum, was accused of editing images. In a press release the company sent a group leader pictures Rammstein Till Lindemann with gift iPhone, on which it is a T-shirt with the image of the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The press release was sent June 20 (including the editors “Gazety.Ru”), after which the photos were placed a number of media. Later it turned out that in reality, in the musician’s shirt was a different picture, and Putin appeared there after editing the image in your photo editor.

Later, the brand has released official denial, which posted real Lindemann pictures, and also noted that some words were transmitted inaccurate. Initially, in a press release said that the musician has opposed sanctions against Russia.

«Becoming phone holder Caviar Supremo Putin Trevolte, in a combination of yellow gold and blackened titanium with bas-relief portraits of Putin, Lindemann emphasized their extremely respectful the Russian president and expressed his protest against sanctions against Russia “, – stated in the release of the text

Later Caviar apologized for” incorrectly interpreted and published information »



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