Saturday, June 18, 2016

Out Trailer exposing the film “Ukraine in the fire” by Oliver Stone (video) – RSUTE

The network has the first trailer with a Russian translation of the film “Ukraine in the fire” directed by Oliver Stone, who for several years is booming all over the world for its scandalously revealing pictures.

So far, public interest in full swing to the sensational film “Snowden” director made a documentary about Ukraine, which revealed all the facts about who gave the Maidan in 2014 and who is behind the “bloody revolution” in Kiev.

Author such cult films as “Scarface” (script), “The Doors”, “Natural Born killers,” “The people vs. Larry Flynt” and others. visited Russia and Ukraine, where he held a number of interviews to understand what was going on “Independence” in 2014. Among his interlocutors -. Russian President Vladimir Putin and former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych

Today, the web has finally published a new trailer master paintings. Obviously, it can cause even greater fury among the Ukrainian authorities and their supporters than reasonably interesting film by French director Paul Moreira “Ukraine: revolution Masks.” “Ukraine in the fire” is dedicated to the participation of the US administration and, in particular, the CIA was going on. Given the excellent awareness of the Stone of the rich US experience in the organization of revolutions and coups varying degrees of gore all over the world, the story promises to be very competent and informative.

The film is dedicated to the history of Ukraine and describes the events that took place in the country from 1941 to year 2014. Filmmakers decided to pay special attention to the nationalist movements that emerged during the Second World War, when members of these organizations, along with the Nazi invaders actively participated in the mass murder of representatives of the Jewish and Polish population. In addition, in the film highlights the role of Ukrainian nationalists in the events of the last few years.

Italian media co-wrote and co-produced a film called notorious filmmaker Igor Lopatenko.

Oliver Stone is known as a consistent critic of the external (and internal ) policy of his country, that he constantly confirms on your page to Facebook. His documentary “The Untold Story of the USA” (2012-2013) caused a mixed reaction among his countrymen. Not less controversy provoked his films about American presidents, “John F. Kennedy. Shots in Dallas “(1991),” Nixon “(1995),” Bush “(2008).


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