Saturday, June 18, 2016

Directed by Oliver Stone made a documentary about the revolution in Ukraine – TVNZ

At the film festival in Taormina American director award “Oscar”, Oliver Stone has shown a documentary « Ukraine in the fire.” The picture was recognized as the best show of this.

The film released Lopatenok Igor, a Ukrainian citizenship with United States . Famous director Stone has become a co-producer in this work and, as the publication Gazzetta del Sud, personally interviewed Vladimir Putin , and ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych

Stone noted that the issues for presidents prepared Lopatenok, who was born in Ukraine and knows the situation from the inside

-. I find Putin’s very competent and trained by Ukrainian question: he did not go away from any issue – Stone

The documentary “Ukraine in the fire” tells the story of what is happening in the country from 1941 to 2014, he said.. Particular attention is paid to the establishment and development of nationalist groups that existed during the Great Patriotic War. The authors show how the nationalists, together with the German invaders took part in the genocide of the Jews, massacres Poles . Prsle war the Nazis from the Ukraine cooperated with the CIA during the “Cold War,” the movie.

The Internet has published the trailer, starting with documentaries shot on Evromaydane in 2014. Also in the two-minute video includes excerpts from an interview with Putin and Yanukovich.

Oliver Stone became famous sharp political paintings. The heroes of his films were George Bush , Jr., John Kennedy , and Edward Snowden.

Oliver Stone – Ukraine on Fire


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