Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Workers responded corded clip “In Peter – drink in Chelny – plow” – RIA Novosti


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KAZAN, June 15 – RIA Novosti, Irina Durnitsyna typing on YouTube tens of thousands of views a clip. “in Peter – drink in Chelny – plow” young workers from Naberezhnye Chelny removed in response to the lyrics of “Leningrad “wanting to claim the prestige of working professions, told RIA Novosti the initiator of the shooting, one of the authors of the words of the song and its performers in the movie Arthur Mullahmetov.

According to the plot roll one of their office manager in the middle of Naberezhnye Chelny, after the conflict with the head does not relieve the stress of alcohol, and arranged to work at the plant, together with three young children, is not found themselves in life – the unemployed graduate high school, a girl model and animator in costume dolls of “Smeshariki”

Hits shnurovskim “smell. “,” stick “and” drink “Chelninsky workers offer an alternative:” Surgut – drill in Magnitogorsk – cook healthy be – in St. Petersburg, not only to drink. ”

Text clip Chelninsky guys says: “With Arthur, Masha and Valera send greetings Corded! Catch, Sergei, our song and video! And good drunks sing about glamor, let’s about us, about simple hard workers. The country is something our shoulders is “

p class =”> “.”, but we thought, why drink why did the workers, no one sings about the plant? The idea was born to encourage people not to drink – this should not much mind, and work all only know how to complain about life, to the state, and no one to work “, -. Arthur told

The script and lyrics to the clip on. he said, took a little more than two weeks and became the collective creativity of the children. “In the video there are no professional actors, all the guys – Valera, Masha and Radik – workers of our company” Tatprof “, – said the young man, who leads in the production of packers team

.” Very positive guys. They offered a ready-made script that I’m just a little corrected, brought him to the “more TV” look, and worked with them with pleasure. I have this issue in principle is close, I also think: instead of finishing understood the university, receive unclaimed profession, better to go to work – high quality workers is now in very short supply, “- said the director of the clip Roman Korolev

He said the clip. shot less than two days, the difficulty lay in the fact that all the guys worked, and the night shift, so the filming – the plant – took place at night

The one that the clip pick up as many views and will cause such a response, or. author of the idea, or the director of the clip, by their own admission, did not expect.


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