Tuesday, June 7, 2016

He died actor Alexei Zharkov – Dni.Ru

After a long illness, died People’s Artist of Russia Alexei Zharkov. He played about 130 roles in movies, especially in such famous films as “Prisoner of If Castle” and “The city of Sochi dark night”. He was 68 years old.

He died a famous actor Alexey Zharkov. He has long suffered from a serious illness. His death was reported by the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

“June 5 at the 69th year after a long illness, died actor, Officer of the Order of Friendship of People’s Artist of Russia Alexei D. Zharkov. Gone amazingly talented artist , modest, kind people “, – stated in the organization’s website

Alexey Zharkov played about 130 roles in movies and also participated in the Audio recording.. He graduated from the -Moscow Art Theatre School (course Alexander Karev), and later worked in the Theatre Yermolova and Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.

Let’s remind, in 2012 Zharkov had a stroke. After that the actor was paralyzed for a while. In March 2016 he suffered another attack. The last few years Zharkov alive at his dacha in the suburbs.


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