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“Outstanding athletes win the mind and spirit” – News

Photo: Vremyachkina Natalia

June 16 on the country’s screens out the picture of Sergey Miroshnichenko «Rings world» – about the Olympics in Sochi. Director most ambitious tape in the history of Russian documentary films responded to “Izvestia” correspondent’s questions

. – Sergey V. as picking heroes? After all, one of them Olympic champion, and some do not

-. The film started shooting for six months before the Olympics, when the Torch Relay. And before that we had a serious analytical study made a list – of athletes who claim to Olympic awards. All under one claimed the Olympic Committee.

– The film kept under control by the IOC. The shooting took place like clockwork

-? No. I’ve got a pain. United broadcaster System (GSS) has not given us the points on the bobsleigh track. So we were not able to luge, bobsleigh, skeleton. And take stuff from anyone is not possible, it is of a different quality. We shot a very good camera. Our operators to contrive, broke the track and were able to take several shots, for they had been deprived of accreditation

-. The film is very high quality and beautiful shooting

– Since we were given a point very far, we have taken special optics. Once agreed with operators that do not repeat the broadcast, and remove the character. Well, it can only show large. Our operators should immediately give the “Golden Eagle”, without any tenders. What they did – aerobatics, although working in the snow up to his waist in the cold, away from the object.

– You talk about the operators in the plural

-. There were 18. Six crews. Someone shot contest in the top cluster, someone – in the bottom, and two “stringers” group shot “air”: the fans, the stadiums, the Olympic cultural program. Now the team can safely remove the World Cup

-. You are planning a film about soccer

? – no, I will not shoot, it’s hard and difficult. Just prepare the team for other

-. In the credits listed top model Irina Shayk, but something I have not noticed

– Irina took out our sign “Russia” at the Olympics. But in the film it is the same naked woman that appears at the beginning. According to the director’s idea, Irina – the embodiment of Russia. First, she is a slave, rises from his knees, then straightens his shoulders and becomes strong

-. You have to be very expensive film

– Cheaper than many gaming. . $ 1.5 million Our crew – more than 200 people. To save money, the cars we drove from Moscow to Sochi. A lot of money was spent on accommodation. I’m on this film did not earn anything

-. Rent does not pay the costs

-? I would be very happy if the costs return. For documentary film 40 cities and 86 theaters, which we got – a lot. I would be happy if the distributors will remain in a good plus. Then they think that documentaries can make

-. And you would have worn a path in theaters other rezhisseram- documentary filmmakers

-. Yes, and someone else would have followed me. So it turns out that we have always something to break through. That’s 10 years ago struck the documentary program at the Moscow International Film Festival. I know that in part was the ram

-. But the documentary does not have the funding, as your movie

. – And it is necessary to finance. Americans do, Europeans. Recently I came the French, who are going to take Russia bird’s-eye view. It is my long-cherished dream. But it needs a minimum of one million euros. We need helicopters, good music, an orchestra. This film is made for many generations.

As for the funding, but now there is a tendency – to divide everything into small pieces. As in a concentration camp, where all shared a small ration of bread. And the man was happy that at least he died. But great art can not be created on the crumbs.

– The caption says that it is the official movie XXII Olympic Winter Games

-. It is. The film is carefully checked, we defended each episode on the surrender of the IOC. I have used since Soviet times, the director has to defend his painting. The IOC had to explain why we in the frame appear red angels. They say it is a symbol of fate

-.? Why the audience should go to the movies on your movie

– Lately I often hear talk of parents who refuse to send their children to the sport. It is said that a lot of dope was. But in this film are busy outstanding athletes, around which there is no doping scandal. They win competitions mind and spirit. They do not need an additional chemical.

Victor Ahn wins not because the fastest runs, and because he is the most intelligent in the short track. A Norwegian biathlete Bjoerndalen? We filmed a workout against Norway. And the first went to the gym is always 42-year-old Bjoerndalen. We asked him: “Well, how much can you run?” And he replied: “When someone will come first, I go»

– Do you believe that Plushenko can overpower another. one Olympic Games

-? I believe that it is – a great athlete. What about him saying nasty things – utter nonsense. If he will speak at the next Olympics, so we have no one near. Plushenko trains every day, he’s fine. If someone is able to exercise more, Jack will watch the Olympics from the rostrum. But if you are lazy – out Jack

-. Now there is a European football championship in France. Do you worry for our

-? More worried about what is happening in the streets between the fans. We need to cut your needle, so as not to be too aggressive, not too far, not to trample what seems wrong. The world has become aggressive. Aggression is rooted and grows in people

-. Why

-? These young people did not know of the war, were not, as I guide a blind war veteran father, who was blind for nine days before the end of the war. And he was only 21 years old. But he is a strong man, and then even became a professor.

Aggression in humans should be treated with love. This is the most powerful weapon. At the end of the film the Olympic champion Anton Kushnir says, “The main thing is to remain human.” It is very important words that should listen

-. You made a film about the athletes. A charging you doing

-? And how – an hour a day. Simple dumbbells and abdominal exercises. In the evening I go to the gym and just run. I advise everyone.


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