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Alexander Kalyagin received a sentence of five years – Moskovsky Komsomolets

In Moscow, there is a Congress of the most tenacious of the creative Union theatre

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on Sunday morning in “President-hotel” the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures, the seventh. The first day passed quietly enough, although surprised by the figures, statements and anecdotes. The details — the observer “MK”.

Александр Калягин получил срок на пять лет

Alexander Kalyagin has retained his position as Chairman of the STD. Photo:

the forum brought together all theatrical Russia, in the hall, creative Director of Metropolitan and regional theatres. On the agenda of many questions waiting for answers from the President of Alexander Kalyagin, and from the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. They will perform one after the other.

Today, more than ever, theatre needs our time, the audience and the country, — said Kalyagin. — The question of what guidelines to follow in the current environment, everyone is responsible their own: is the way of the educational mission, is the easiest — to entertain and distract people from problems or to serve an ideology. But it is determined by the artist himself. The main thing for us all is the arrangement of theatres of Russia. What I call improvement? This all contributes to the creative development and birth of ideas. More specifically is the improvement of material-technical base of theaters.

Kalyagin offers a roster of Russian theatres in need of repair or do not have their own buildings. For example, in Yakutia for five of the ten theatres, the main problem is the problem of premises.

But the most important thesis of his speech: each Governor should be created Tips on culture, and to them were compulsory and the representatives of the regional offices of STD with the right not only to a deliberative vote.

I Must admit that of all the creative unions (writers, artists) — the theatre today remains the strongest and most capable, has retained its large property complex. He alone is able to resolve conflicts that arise between the theatrical authorities and local authorities.

— Only after the treatment STD to the Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun, the authorities decided to give the House of officers of the puppet theatre, says Kalyagin. And after my letter to the Governor of Buryatia, the Director of the theatre named after Bestuzhev had not been fired. Here is another example: Motygino — taiga settlement, the inhabitants of 10 thousand, he a few months a year cut off from the outside world. The leadership of the city need to hold on to the only cultural center, but authorities are not helping the theatre, do not support his participation in Russian festivals. Yes, were ready to dismiss the Director. And I want every region OTDELENIE STD had its effect.

In the asset STD — state scholarship for 2000 figures of the Russian theatre, 96 young get on creative projects every month 20 thousand from the government of the Russian Federation. About 4,000 members of STD caught in a difficult situation, got financial assistance from 30 to 150 thousand rubles. STD initiated the first all-Russian school heads but — “Theatrical PTU”. It will become an annual event, and hope that such an important profession as zampost, will not die.

His speech, Chairman of the theatre Union ended with the joke, of course, theatre. In the theatre started a fire. Despite this, the actors bravely finished the show. Arrived on-call firefighters not to put out, and joined the audience and began to watch until the end.

After Kalyagin is Vladimir Medinsky. The Minister said about cooperation of the Ministry and STD, with figures in hands — on repair of theatres, growth in revenues and attendance, about grants and scholarships that were able to defend. In his speech, I would highlight some important points.

On modern drama: “All the talk about the fact that the Ministry of culture doesn’t like modern drama, is wrong. Supported all projects. I gave instructions to double the amount of funding, we should be looking for young Directors, writers”.

the theatre Zhenovach: “In fact we are under the wing took a private theatre. Next year his “Studio of theatrical art” will receive the status of a Federal team. Last Friday we met with Sergey Gordeev, who was a sponsor of the theatre, and agreed that Zhenovach nowhere from the building in which he worked, will not move.”

People began to growl when the Minister talked about salaries. Information on the average salary in the Federal theatres — 69 thousand — triggered laughter through tears. Not because this amount does not correspond to reality, and because in regional theatres she times less than 12-15 thousand. And it turns out that an hour later, when, on the rostrum, the Director of the Volgograd youth theatre Bondarenko. He has impressed colleagues stating that the regional Governor issued a decree according to which the salary ceiling of the theater (gasp!!!) should be no more than 25 000. Then, as they say, no comment.

Optimization: “In General statistics is that — from 1991 in the country the number of theatres has increased by 70 percent. I don’t know any other country that could boast such results.”

Criteria: “We create a system that will allow you to have a real picture of the occupancy of the rooms. The state donation will not come from impressions, and the number of the Prime Minister, and from tickets sold, that is, from attendance. If in 2014 the subsidy to theatres amounted to 11.5 billion rubles, in 2016 — 12,5 billion”.

the Offer from the Minister, which sounded like a threat: “I would have made a rating of the governors-not only as they and their wives go to the theatre, and how to Finance it. Yes, let do not go, but if the theaters will be funded, we are sorry.” And, finally, offered to dot the “and” in the long-standing dispute: the theater is a service or an art?

creative dynasties: the “Cavalry approach, prohibiting employment of relatives in the same theater, will not.”

the Minister Also promised to finalize the law on patronage.

Reported that the system will include new scenes: 2018 — scene Moscow art theatre. Chekhov in Andropov Avenue, a new scene will receive the Dodin. And in November will open the doors of Small theatre of Russia.

the First day of the Congress ended with the election of a new Chairman — no alternative was Alexander Kalyagin.


Kirill KROK, Director of the Vakhtangov theatre:

“I hope that after the speeches of the President and Congress will finally address the issue with the titles. Stop the mockery of artists, when ranks have to wait 25 years to collect a bunch of papers, which have in the meantime become obsolete. If in Moscow the problem is, what can be said about the regions. And second, at the level of resolution of the government is necessary to secure the status of social councils for culture each Governor not only a right of deliberative vote and representatives from regional offices STD. To all staffing and other important issues have been discussed at the Council, and only after that the Governor or the mayor could make a decision. But to hear public opinion the government is obliged”.

Vladimir Pankov, artistic Director of the Center directing and dramaturgy Kazantsev and Roshchina:

“we Need to solve the problem with the introduction of fixed-term contracts. I have 30 people, I started to get acquainted with the artists and directly from some heard the question about benefits and not about creativity. And people don’t work at all, or doing very little, but all the time, demanding higher wages”.


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