Friday, October 14, 2016

Bob Dylan slept through the Nobel prize – Days.Ru

While the whole world is discussing the awarding of the Nobel prize in literature known to the author and performer Bob Dylan, the singer, it seems, still do not know his good luck. Representatives of the Swedish Academy has tried several times to contact the musician, but to no avail.

As told TASS the press-Secretary of the Academy Ulrike Callin personally with Dylan to talk to them failed, because he “slept before the upcoming concert.” The same situation was repeated in subsequent calls. As noted by Ulrike, the organizers of the ceremony in advance to find out whether the will Bob at the awards ceremony, which will take place on December 10.

Given that at the next concert Dylan didn’t say a word about such a momentous event for yourself, it can be assumed that the agents never gave the musician information. Is Bob still doesn’t know about new the top of the mountain?

Bob Dylan (on the  right). Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press

the award of the Nobel prize as an extraordinary personality has surprised critics no less than the award of the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich, known for its “reportage” style of writing. So, nebezyzvestnaya Ulrika Milles, commenting live the decision of the Nobel Committee regarding Dylan, admitted that she’s shaken up.

“I’m really speechless. Broken all sorts of faces. This is a completely different, new understanding of literature”

Ulrika law, because it is Dylan first broke the “barrier” previously users were unable to award the prize to such famous musicians as John Lennon, Bob Marley and Viktor Tsoi. The latter especially often think of Russian literary criticism. Russian writer Evgeny Vodolazkin also commented on the decision of the Nobel Committee, noting that in recent literature “expands its borders”.


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