Monday, October 31, 2016

In Memory Of Vladimir Zeldin. He gave the audience a feeling of happiness and harmony Вести.Ru

Gone from the life of Vladimir Zeldin. The oldest actor in the world. In February, it would have turned 102 years old. 70 years in the Central academic theatre of the Russian army. Fifty roles in the movie.

For the Central academic theatre of the Russian army the bitter news came as a surprise. Vladimir Zeldin was, he was preparing to go on tour in Belarus, which is very loved. Nobody thought to cancel performances. On 26 November he was going to go on stage in the role of field Marshal Kutuzov in the play “a long time Ago”.

Giabra idol. There were only selected. Lots of gifts from viewers, children’s drawings, photos of loved ones. One — Zeldin himself with his beloved dog, pooch, Boris. And, of course, there are posters of favorite performances: “man of La Mancha”, “the dancing Master”. Specially for it was put two jubilee performances – “the Dancing master” and “one Hundred. Dancing with time”, where his constant partner was Olga Bogdanova.

“He never got old, its old, nobody has seen,” says people’s artist of Russia Olga Bogdanova.

no one saw the old, sick, sad. Breaking her hip, two months later, Vladimir Zeldin took the stage, but even then he was almost one hundred. He never spared myself, not singing, for example, the sound recording. It seemed, more recently, on its centennial it four hours in a row was on the stage.

what was the secret of his youth? He chose not to answer this question. But the answer is known to his close friends. He was interested in everything, he loved life and believed that it is necessary to help people.

“Kind, not envious, not angry. He never for himself did not ask for, but all the others were going to him with requests. Helped with apartments. Even the debt was allowed,” — says people’s artist of Russia Larisa Golubkina.

Vladimir Zeldin did not like the anniversaries, a very relaxed attitude to awards and glory. Andrei Konchalovsky, 1970 Zeldin was invited to star in “Uncle Vanya.” Still, the Director remembers what happiness was to work with the master. It was professional, for which the craft has always stood in the first place. In other areas it could give odds to anyone.

“a Gentleman, suitor, gallant in all things. I wanted to say: “Let’s live”. It was a huge figure,” says Director Andrei Konchalovsky.

Beautiful, charming, elegant. He was able to wear the coat, armor, fence, and dance, play three musical instruments. Became popular after Pyr ribbons “pig and shepherd”. Then it was showered with letters from all over the Soviet Union. As offers from the Directors. He was also memorable in small roles, like in “Carnival night”.

Tickets for Zeldin would not get it. He met with the audience, and the atmosphere was always amazing. The audience received from it what come to the theatre — the feeling of happiness and harmony.


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