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Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible opened in eagle – TASS

the EAGLE, October 14th. /TASS/. Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible opened in the city of Orel, the founder of which is the king, near the Cathedral of the Epiphany.

“Perhaps two months, the whole country, not just your city, with bated breath, waited, when will be opened the monument, and believed that it would happen, but strongly wanted. And now the king, who in one hand holds a symbol of protection of the Fatherland – the sword and in the other hand the cross is a spiritual weapon appeared in your town, which is a type of Russia. It is a city of the eagle”, – said at the opening of the state Duma Deputy, member of the Committee on education and science Nikolay Zemtsov.

“We had a long and controversial this was going. I’m not a historian, but I think that this is a great Russian sovereign, the collector of Russian lands, the man who preserved for us the Orthodox faith and did not let anyone infringe on our territory. He made it so that we live in the great city of eagle, which is a fortress on the outskirts of our capital,” – said the head of the region Vadim Potomsky.

Not the most cruel

according to Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, Ivan IV the terrible – one of the most controversial and yet the outstanding figures of the Russian history, it is noted in the greeting of the Minister, the press service of the Russian military historical society (RVIA). In his opinion, during the years of his reign Ivan was able to take several bold and decisive steps aimed at strengthening the unity of the Russian state.

When it was administrative reform, established new governments, created professional army, and published the first Russian printed book.

“the monument to Ivan the terrible in the town of eagle today is not only a tribute to the king and the warrior, but also a recognition of the continuity of all stages of our history,” reads the welcoming speech of the Minister.

According to the head of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the activities of Ivan the terrible must be evaluated in comparison with his contemporaries, ruling in Europe. This analysis, explained to journalists Medinsky, Russian Tsar looks much less violent than he is credited.

“to Compare Ivan the terrible have not mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi and his contemporaries, as was ruled at this time in France, in England, in the enlightened Europe. Charles IX, about 30 thousand cut Huguenots in a few days, mainly in Paris and other large cities of France,” – said the Minister.

At the same time, in the years of the oprichnina, said Medina, according to the orders of the Russian Tsar lost his life three to seven thousand people.

Near the Epiphany Cathedral, the monument was installed on October 1. As predicted by authorities on landscaping around the monument was gone for two weeks. At the beginning of September for the allocation of land under the monument to the founder of eagle unanimously voted by the deputies of the city Council of the eagle.

the Founder of the eagle

As evidenced by the Nikon chronicle, a fortress Orel was founded in 1566 on the orders of Ivan the terrible to protect the southern borders, this year is officially considered the founding date of the city.

“Special attention king paid to the strengthening of state borders. In 1566 it was on his instruction for the protection of the southern borders of the country and was founded the fortress eagle. Since then, residents of eagle have repeatedly proved their valor and courage, selfless defending the Fatherland. “The city of military glory” – a truly well-deserved honorary title conferred to the city for the courage, fortitude and mass heroism of its defenders,” – said in greeting of the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation.

According to one version, the eagle got its name thanks to the eponymous bird, which flew off the oak, when it began to be cut for the construction of a fortress on the confluence of the rivers Oka and Orlik. It is believed that at this moment one of the loggers said the legendary phrase: “here master.” It is in honor of this bird, the Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich, and commanded to call the future city.

the Epiphany Cathedral of the eagle, founded in the XVII century, is considered the oldest stone building in the city. According to historians, the Cathedral is the only surviving building of the arrow of Oka and Orlik – the historic core of the city, where once stood the fortress of Orel.

In search of a place and understanding

Originally a monument to the terrible was scheduled to open on 3 September, two days before the 450th anniversary of the city. However, on 18 June, the eagle was held a sanctioned rally against installation of a monument: the audience was told about the inadmissibility of the installation of the monument in the protected zone of another monument of architecture – building of the theatre of children and young people “Free space”. Its members have collected more than hundred signatures against the monument, about 500 more signatures activists gathered on a petition at Later it was reported that the monument to Ivan the terrible will install on 7 September near Epiphany Cathedral.

In this case, according to a survey conducted by specialists of Orel branch Ranhigs, the vast majority of the residents of eagle made for the installation in the city of a monument to Tsar Ivan the terrible. Then as reported by TASS first Deputy Governor of the region Alexander Budarin, more than 70% of those who heard about the plans to establish a monument, and called for its installation, with 70% of respondents agreed with the place originally selected for the monument – the building of children’s theatre “Free space”.

In early September the Factory regional court of the eagle has initiated proceedings in a lawsuit challenging the actions of the city administration and the mayor of the city for the installation of a monument in the protected zone of a monument of history and culture of Federal value “the building of the magistrate.” The next meeting is scheduled for October 21.


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