Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Ministry of culture said the situation around the “Satyricon” –

the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has made every effort to resolve the conflict in a theatrical society. As reported TASS, said on Sunday, October 30, Deputy Minister Alexander Zhuravsky, commenting on the interview of the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin with the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.

“the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has done everything possible to achieve peace in the theatrical community. We thought the matter was settled. However, the leadership of the “Satyricon” continues to comment on the situation, presenting all the new details that, as we saw, is already history,” — Zhuravskii said.

In the “Satyricon”, as noted by the Deputy Minister, trying to interpret a work conversation, while there was no dispute. “The Minister of culture promised to support financially additional premiere, as it was requested Konstantin Arkadievich, and also assist via Metropolitan authorities in the provision of social advertising and the advertising of the theatre at the portals of the Ministry, including one of the most popular “Culture.RF””, — he said.

Zhuravsky expressed confidence that not all of the concerns raised during the meeting, issues should be “subject to public debate,” “and any phrase taken out of context, acquire a distorted sense.”

the Deputy Minister also said that Medina brought a personal apology Raikin. “It does not concern the substantive side that opens the discussion,” — said Zhuravskii. “To interpret this as consent with everything that has been said Konstantin Abramovich in recent days is wrong. The Ministry continues to believe overall its a fair assessment of the financial capacity of the theatre, and claims of censorship — emotional and baseless,” he concluded.

the Ministry of culture, commenting in an interview “” interview Raikin Medinsky also said that the parties “agree to treat each other with mutual respect”, the Minister by his action has tried to “nullify scandalous situation”. At the same time, the Ministry expressed confidence that Medina was not to apologize, besides, lately he is constantly addressing the problems of “Satyricon”, as well as support for creative projects of the theater.

14:29 October 25, 2016

Konstantin Raikin

“Instead of reading the story exhausted, the leadership of the Satyricon continues to fan the flames,” — stated in the Ministry of culture.

Earlier, on 30 October, Satirikon issued a statement following the meeting with the leadership of the Medina theatre, which stated that the Minister apologized Raikin. “[The Director of "Satyricon] Anatoly Polynkin, Vladimir Medinsky, Alexander Zhuravsky brought mutual apologies in acrimony, recognizing that the situation was negatively reinforced, including the media”, — stated in the message.

on 29 October it became known that the management of the theatre and the Ministry of culture considered the incident that arose because of the words Raikin about censorship, exhausted.

24 Oct Raikin expressed concern about the frequent attempts of various public organizations to put pressure on the arts and theatre in particular. His words caused a negative reaction of various public figures.


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