Monday, October 31, 2016

The woman – soul of a man published one of the last videos of Vladimir Zeldin – Komsomolskaya Pravda

It was 101. But isn’t easy to believe. Friends, colleagues continue to talk about him in the present, dedicate poems. But it is no more. Vladimir Zeldin passed away the morning of 31 October.

people’s artist recalls the whole country. One of his loyal fans have always been and Alexander liked. Actor and TV presenter has published one of his last videos. On the recording of Vladimir Mikhailovich was preparing to speak in the dressing room and talks c Oleshko, which offers venerable colleague, chocolate, drinks…

the Woman – soul of a man Published one of the last videos 101-year-old Vladimir Zeldin

- no, No! Well, thank you! – meets Vladimir Zeldin. – Before the show free was the stomach.


- No, I made a great Cup of tea with lemon… And then there are so many female staff, such a charming woman… charming! The woman – soul of a man! His fame, bright beam, illuminating his path. The woman is the core of our life! The salt of the earth women from all tribes and peoples.

- At 102 years old today, left this morning Vladimir Mikhailovich Zeldin. Have met many times. Filmed together and even sang together!!! In this video he’s 101 years old! commented by Alexander Oleshko his latest video with the actor.

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From death at the front of Vladimir Zeldin was saved by the production of “pig and shepherd”

on Monday, October 31, at 9 am, did not Vladimir Zeldin. He died in the hospital. Vladimir Mikhailovich was lucky enough to see almost everything that happened with the country for a century – actor, lived 101 years (details)


the role of Vladimir Zeldin


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