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For the exhibition of Raphael and Caravaggio in the Tretyakov gallery will change the design – Moskovsky Komsomolets

Before we brought the work previously never left Italy

Yesterday at 17:22, views: 2072

Raphael does not happen much. The Tretyakov gallery has decided to repeat the feat of the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin and bring the Wizard who still hasn’t left Italy. But it would not be Russia’s main gallery, if not invented, different – Raphael will accompany Caravaggio, Bellini, Veronese, Poussin… 42 paintings will be available to visitors on the 25th of November.

Ради выставки Рафаэля и Караваджо в Третьяковке поменяют дизайн помещений

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Bring the masterpieces of XII–XVIII centuries from the galleries section of the Vatican museums. Hang them in rooms of the Engineering building, the design of which is developing the famous architect Sergey Choban (among his projects “the Ice Palace”, the new building of the Moscow city Duma and the Museum for architectural drawing in Berlin).

– Sergey has found a solution to emphasize the uniqueness of each leaf and to subordinate them to the General idea that explains the exhibition’s curator Arkady Ippolitov. Room with painting of the middle Ages and early Renaissance it was in the form of an octagon, as most of the space in the Pinakothek. Hall high Renaissance and Baroque painting solved in the form of the Roman square, the Cathedral of St. Peter. His stylish plan, we decided to place at the entrance, though usually such projects are hung pictures. It is important that the starting point was asking the idea of the exhibition “ROMA AETERNA”, which is about the eternity of Rome and its treasures.

Us from them will appear in “Faith” and “Charity” of the early Raphael, who wrote in Florence. Work, where a young beauty on the sides protect the angels, taken from the altar in the Villa Borghese. “The descent from the cross” of Caravaggio “St. Erasmus” by Poussin is often contrasted, but here they will hang next to the visitors felt the inner connection of the masters depicting the martyrs. Will present Bellini and second major artist of the Venetian Renaissance, Carlo Crivelli.

“the descent from the cross” of Caravaggio.

there Will be many icons of the Roman school of the XII century, close to the Byzantine and Russian icon paintings. The main asset of the Christ Pantocrator. No cost and without the image of St. Francis of Assisi brushes Margarito di Magnano (nicknamed d Arezzo), “the Apostle Matthew with the angel” by Guido Reni, “Christmas”, Mariotto di Nardo. About the miracles of St. Vincent Ferrer tells the three-meter with difficulty brought to Moscow paintings of Ercole de Roberti…

We got everything we dreamed of, – says the Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova. – I am a respectable lady, but I wanted to hop on one foot and shout for joy that we show the most outstanding things gallery. In some ways, of course, we were denied, but these works have found a worthy replacement. We understand that the exposure will cause a huge interest among the audience in Russia, so try to rely on the experience our two latest exhibitions – Serov and Ivan Aivazovsky.

as for the technical aspects, introduced a system of sessions that will run every half hour. The audio guide is ready – the voice actor Veniamin Smekhov. The cost of tickets after Pushkin was raised to 500 rubles.

“Faith,” by Raphael.

– With tickets after the show Serova we have a problem, – continues Ms. Tregulova. – They traded a few employees of the gallery, was immediately dismissed. Once I caught the dealers at the entrance to the gallery and handed over to the police, but to no avail: there is no article in the legislation on which they might pass. So two hours later after detention the boys back again to the workplace. But we had a giant attendance are not looking, and you will see this exhibition where we will be metered to receive visitors. It is necessary not only to ensure the safety of the works, but also to give people the opportunity to engage in a spiritual dialogue with pictures.


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