Saturday, October 15, 2016

The word the writer should have significant importance in the formation of the Union state TV Channel ONT

the Word the writer should have significant importance in the formation of the Union state.

Moscow on the Congress brought together writers of Belarus and Russia. 120 delegates – political and public figures, journalists discussed how to preserve and strengthen spiritual and historical unity of the two peoples.

this will help the joint work plan of the writers ‘ Union for the next five years. This participation of authors in the literary competitions of the two countries, carrying out creative meetings and master classes for young writers, intensifying publishing activities.

the Desire of the writers to active social and educational activities support the long-in Belarus. Greeting the participants of the Congress were sent by President Alexander Lukashenko. In the letter, which was read by the Deputy head of the presidential administration Igor Buzovsky, writers rests on hope as on the conductors of high moral and aesthetic ideals. Creative people urged to abandon the commercialization of literature in favor of loss of taste. For its part, the state promised to support publishing activities. In Belarus, despite all the economic difficulties, this budget is not only reduced, but will grow.

In Moscow, the delegation from Minsk held talks with the expert community and representatives of the city hall. Such meetings are intended to help establish and develop contacts in the humanitarian sphere between Belarus and Russia.

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