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Why Russian Museum took of art Vasilyeva: “Enough of their “bait” – Moskovskiy Komsomolets

the Ex-boss of “Oboronservis” will have to pick up the triptych proposed in the Dar

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great news from the world of art: famous for the scandalous “case “Oboronservis” business lady “in combination” – Amateur artist Yevgenia Vasilyeva are not destined to be among the selected artists, whose works are in the collection of the Russian Museum. Why? “MK” called the Museum, and there said flatly: “bait”, and without enough of the controversial friend of former defense Minister Serdyukov.

in mid-October suggested the U.S. gift to the Russian Museum, the triptych “Transcriptase” was adopted this famous world art gallery for safekeeping. But in the interim, until then, when will be the next meeting of the Expert stock-purchasing Commission, which must decide whether to accept the gift or not.

the Expected meeting took place on 26 October, and as a result experts the verdict was reported by the press service: “…to reject the acceptance of a gift of works Vasilyeva… in connection with the compliance with the collective practice of the Museum.” Now the ex-boss of “Oboronservis” will be in the next two weeks to take away from the Russian Museum of his triptych.

he May find a place in any other collection of paintings, but certainly, the author is very annoyed that she didn’t “push” his creation in such a prestigious Museum collection. And the something Russian Museum will not regret that “gave it failed” Vasilyeva with her “Transcriptase”? Indeed, among our fellow citizens there would be (at least in the foreseeable future, until the memory of man has not erased vivid details of the “case “Oboronservis”) many want to look at the paintings, the main defendant in this scandalous Saga. Would make a very effective “bait” that could lead to the halls of the Russian Museum of new hundreds and even thousands of visitors.

It is a question of the correspondent of “MK” asked the candidate of art criticism, head of tour and lecture Department of the State Russian Museum AKHUNOV Valery.

– In our halls without a triptych Vasilyeva exhibited a lot of these, as you put it, “bait” to attract the spectators, – said Valery. – Russian Museum can not complain about the lack of visitors.

has there ever been any cases in your Museum came from “people in the street,” Amateur artists like Vasilyeva, brought his paintings, and these works were so interesting, that they were taken in the collection?

– this question is better to ask one of our experts. But I personally not a single such case I do not remember…

meanwhile, about the lack of professionalism Evgenia Vasilyeva in the field of painting, someone may have doubts. After all, this lady was free and free from the previous duties, was received recently at MSU in the 1st year of the faculty of arts. The direction in which it is engaged, is called “fine art”. According to official information published by the University “offers a system of training professionals of a new formation: researchers and creators, experts and analysts, employees of galleries, auctions, etc.”, “trains bachelors and masters in fine arts masters of a wide profile capable of producing a comprehensive analysis of the phenomena of artistic creativity and to use this knowledge in scientific work and in various areas of practical activities, create works of art using a whole Arsenal of new expressive means, including a characteristic adjacent arts….”. And further: “the professional activities of bachelor and master wi ll be linked to the analysis and study, propaganda and criticism, creation and performance of works, organization of artistic creativity”.

In General, tremble, Museum workers and gallery owners! Vasiliev even come to you.


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