Monday, October 31, 2016

Russia will participate in the Eurovision song contest in Kiev, the Komsomolskaya Pravda

After Sergei Lazarev thanks to the “objective” vote the jury took in the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm 3rd place were all sorts of rumors about participation of our country in the competition. After all, the Eurovision song contest, which supposedly “out of politics” has turned into an arena for settling scores. We will remind, the first in 2016, the year was given to the Ukrainian singer Jamal, who performed the song “1944″ about the deportation of Crimean Tatars. According to the rules of the contest, the next contest should take place in Kiev. Where the Russians are not very happy. Many Russian artists and journalists in Gen eral are on the list of persona non grata and to get to the contest will not be able physically – in the best case, wrapped at the border, and at worst they will have to deal with SBU.

But on Monday the official website of the Eurovision news about where they will contest and who will take part in it. The list of all 43 countries. Russia is also involved. Back Romania and Portugal that were not there last year. The first semifinal will be may 9th. The second 11. The final will take place on 13 th.

In the case of symbolic contact with the first semi-final on the Day of Victory, we believe that an answer to the singer Jamal and “1944″ with which she won last year’s song from us called “1945″ – to remember, as they say. Unless, of course, the draw will give us a chance to Express themselves in the ground and not in the second semifinal, of course. But it is unlikely that management will approve of this logical, but a very provocative idea.

Who will go to Kiev to represent Russia, is still unknown.


“Euromanagement-2017″ will be held in Kiev


At this moment, Kiev is experiencing a real Peremoga, which, as usual, comes despicable zrada. Today, the Director of the National broadcasting company Ukraine, with good Ukrainian name Zurab Alasania, announced that the vote determined by the city, which will host this singing contest with a political flavor. (details)

High art songs

Alexander GRISHIN

the Choice of Kiev as the venue of “Eurovision-2017″ has created yet another scandal in Ukraine among the local establishment. Moreover, high-ranking Ukrainian patriots do not hesitate to pour each other using such arguments, which might get accusations of separatism (details)


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