Sunday, October 30, 2016

In the “Satyricon” talked about reconciliation, Medina and Raikin –

Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky apologized to the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin, and the parties agreed to cooperate. About it reported in a statement following the meeting, published on the website of the theatre on October 30.

the text says that the meeting was attended by Medina, his Deputy Alexander Zhuravsky and Director of “Satyricon” Anatoly Palankin. Artistic Director of the theatre for the tour to take part in it could not.

14:29 October 25, 2016

Konstantin Raikin

“Anatoly Polynkin, Vladimir Medinsky, Alexander Zhuravsky brought mutual apologies in acrimony, recognizing that the situation was negatively reinforced, including by the media,” reads the statement on the website of the “Satyricon”. There is mentioned that Medina on the phone apologized personally Raikin for “offensive language and tone,” first Deputy culture Minister Vladimir Aristarkhov.

“during the constructive dialogue, the parties expressed regret about the current wrong situation and agreed on further mutual cooperation in the peaceful working order”, — summarized in the message.

on October 29, it was reported that the theatre management and the Ministry of culture considered the incident that arose because of the words Raikin about censorship, exhausted.

24 Oct Raikin expressed concern about the frequent attempts of various public organizations to put pressure on the arts and theatre in particular. His words caused a negative reaction of various public figures.


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