Thursday, October 20, 2016

Not friends anymore! Kim Kardashian wants to renounce forever diamonds – for women

On the state of the 35-year-old Kim Kardashian every day there are disturbing news — it seems the reality star still can not recover after the robbery in Paris. Now the celebrity declares that it intends to abandon the old way of life, to stop doing selfies and even to stop wearing expensive jewelry. A bold decision, but we do not believe in his sincerity.

Kim Kardashian continues to heat up interest in his own person, repeatedly returning to the history of attacks during Paris fashion week. On October 20 the Western press has published another confession of a star, in which Mrs. West said she plans to become a completely different.

“I Have no desire to carry on the previous way of life,” Kardashian quoted by foreign media.

In the nearest plans of teledive – to stop doing a selfie (or significantly reduce their number) and to stop wearing luxurious jewelry. What will happen to the elegant collection of diamonds, given to her by her husband? Anyway it is strange to hear about the readiness to such a drastic change from Kim, to build their popularity is on the outrageous and showcasing luxury living.

But maybe we are biased. Recent images of Kim Kardashian is really quite modest. Participant reality show shuns flashy accessories, and tries not to wear transparent things. And you believe that the wife of Kanye West is ready to change?


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