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Olga Rostropovich about Galina Vishnevskaya: In the Bolshoi theatre mom came the announcement – tvnz

Before this date, we talked with the eldest daughter of the singer Olga Rostropovich, which directs the Center of Opera Singing of Galina Vishnevskaya.

- How was the Opera Center, which was created by the G. p.? Has everything been dreamed about your mother?

- Mom was well aware that not enough of the novice singer. A good education, a good repertoire isn’t everything. You need experience and profession, which in the Conservatory to teach impossible. So mom created the Opera Centre, that is, training the Opera house. System Vishnevskaya has justified itself — today our graduates are singing in the best theatres Russia and abroad. Mom would be happy.


- having Lived a hard life, it’s personal experience I know what’s missing from the singer early in his career?

- of Course, personal experience is always enriching. My mother was born with a very strong character. Set goal and always achieved. Add to this God-given talent from birth and trained voice. But such life forces not everyone has.

my mother did not Have musical education. Only 7 classes in an ordinary Soviet school. The war began, the blockade of Leningrad — it was not until graduation. She became an orphan with living parents. This is impossible: the girl who grew up in poverty, abandoned by their parents (they threw a little girl my grandmother and never came back), which at the beginning of the war lost the only person closest to her — her grandmother, died of starvation, but was not thinking about bread and how to get out of this horror and become a singer. From childhood, she loved to sing and he saw himself only on the Opera stage. It picked up female team defense. Mom used to put out incendiary bombs, carried the bodies on the sled, cleaned the sewers. Lived in Leningrad during the entire blockade. She said that, whatever the horrors of the siege of Leningrad did not show in the movie, it never beats the nightmare that people have experienced in reality. When the wa r ended, mom was 18, she married, began working, he has performed in concerts, made a living. At the time she played mostly the repertoire of Claudia Shulzhenko, whom he loved dearly. In the Bolshoi theatre mom came by chance – in the ad. And great the surprise of her second husband — the Director of the Leningrad regional operetta theater, has passed the competition and took it to the main theater of the country.

my mother’s biography — from the category of unbelievable. It is his fate made. Even the fact that finished 7 classes of school, and she alone, without aides wrote a book about his life, which became an international bestseller, tells me personally that mother was a very outstanding person. She built her life so that has achieved global recognition. Talked on equal terms with the Royal family, believed that princes, princesses, kings and Queens – it’s just titles. Otherwise it’s the same people, like you and me. And representatives of the Royal dynasties had great respect and admiration for my parents and their talent.

… and home for my daughter Oli (pictured) – just mom. Credit: courtesy of the Center of Opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya


- Olya, what age do you remember mom? The earliest childhood memories?

- When I was very little, my mother the night sang me a lullaby. Without it I couldn’t sleep. My sister was a strict regime. Dinner at eight o’clock, and at nine — rebound, and not a minute later. Often the mother had to do in the evenings with the accompanist. I told her that it was at the open doorway – my sister always fell asleep under her voice.

my Mother went on tour less dad. Therefore, in childhood, we saw her more often. At home, she was just mom. Cooked lunch, went to the Bathrobe. However, the robe was definitely silk, beautiful emerald color, but it was still a Bathrobe. it was a wonderful AU pair Rimma, which we had almost a family member. When parents were forced to leave USSR, Rima after a while moved in with him in Paris, and there lived with them a long time.

as a child my mother sewed me a dress. There was such a case. I was in high school. My mom brought me from Paris a dress that I was going to wear to prom. The day before I went into rehearsal mode, sound parents. It was a fatal mistake. Dad, who almost all perceive as a very easy and cheerful man, and thus was really. But not against his daughters. He was very strict in following us, especially for our moral character. Then it turned out that the dress is several inches above the knee, which is unacceptable, from his point of view. Therefore I’m not going anywhere. I am in tears, tomorrow is graduation, the other dresses there. The Pope does not detract. Rescued mom. Silently I got out of the closet her black shawl, dissolved it night hook dovedale on the dress the incredible beauty of lace five inches. The next day I felt like a Queen. This dress I still have.

Galina Vishnevskaya gave the impression of absolutely not everyday women…

the Theatre, the stage was a sense of her life. It is a very watched. At the same time managed to do the most simple means. Did not admit to his face cosmetologists. Massage considered harmful, because it stretches the skin. Concert hairstyles made myself.. On my mother’s dressing table was always pressed powder max FACTOR , the most simple mascara that was supposed to spit and then RUB the mascara brush, and lipstick. I remember it very well because as a child he loved to see how mom is dressed and ready to go.

my Mother is always very well dressed. She had two dressmaker sisters of Tallinn March Petrovna and Ales Petrovna, who sewed for her. Mom used to bring magazines and materials from abroad. Within two months, these wonderful women lived at home and completely revamped my mother’s closet. .

- As Galina Pavlovna spent her free time?

- All our apartment was like a thoroughfare. Friends of the family were not only musicians, painters, writers and artists. Parents were friends with Iosif Abramovich Kassirsky. He was a Professor, hematologist, academician and loved music. Played the piano, the flute. Often came to visit the family of a chess player Vladimir Alatortseva. And free time as such, and my mother was not – she taught a new concert program, rehearsing in the theater, singing performances and concerts that was life.

- What do the grandchildren of Galina Vishnevskaya and Mstislav Rostropovich? I remember your youngest son Glory in the childhood sang fine. Senior Oleg was a talented rapper…

- it’s All in the past. Oleg became interested in cooking. He wants to open his own restaurant. Therefore, studying the profession of restaurateur thoroughly, he has a business plan and a clear concept. The youngest son of Fame for 21 years, he studied at the University in Paris . I would like to Thank became a psychologist – that’s his inclinations and interest. My sister’s Lena is also grown. Sergey lives in Berlin and deals with cinema. Vanya works in a Bank in Switzerland. She is a talented artist, lives in Milan. The younger son Alexander was the most musical of all our children. He writes the songs. He himself performs them. By the way, he was the only child in our family who are not forced to study music. Sandro taught himself to play the piano. A big fellow.

Monument to Galina Vishnevskaya will set next to the Opera Centre in Ostozhenka, 25. Credit: courtesy of the Center of Opera singing of Galina Vishnevskaya


- In a competition for a monument Vishnevskaya was attended by 25 sculptors, – said Olga Rostropovich. – Has watched the numbers without knowing who the author is. When I found out that I won the project of Alexander Rukavishnikova, I was pleasantly surprised. Sasha and my parents were friends. It was a close and dear people. At one time he proposed his idea to create a monument to my dad, who liked my mom. So, a monument to Rostropovich at the House of composers in Bryusov lane near the parent house. Remember my mother then jokingly Sasha said, “When are you going to do a statue of me to be without fantasy and magic – recognizable”. Sasha knew her well. And this is reflected in the sculpture: the figure of the mother in full growth of black bronze, dressed in concert dress with a long train made of white marble. Green and bronze pedestal. . Both greatness and humility. Not just a monument but a work of art. And the pose, turn head the position of your hands — everything is recognizable. I saw the mother in this sculpture. Her dress, by the way, it was similar. Narrow, tall, like a candle, black-and-white figure reflects her character. Mother didn’t like the tones, only black or only white. Father was different, he could always explain the Motivation of human actions, even the lowest. Mom — no, she endured a strict sentence: it is dishonorable, disgusting. What prompted the person to do something like that, didn’t even want to understand.


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