Friday, October 14, 2016

War memory: a crippled Board to Mannerheim was sent to the Museum Вести.Ru

In Saint-Petersburg is unlikely to ever subside disputes about the identity of the Finnish Marshal Carl Gustaf Mannerheim. Today a commemorative plaque in front of his St. Petersburg apartment was dismantled and moved to Tsarskoye Selo. General of the Russian army, who selflessly served Russia during the First world war, later fought on the side of Hitler, in 1944, made a wise political move and turned the Finnish army against the Germans.

four months did not last the plaque Carl Gustaf Mannerheim on the facade of the Military Academy of logistics. It was dismantled tonight, and the wall was painted over. Reminiscent of the high relief spots on the wall during his existence here a memorial sign was doused in red paint at least 5 times. A rare night without incident. The Board was beaten with a hammer, chopping axe and shot. One time here even the guard was on duty, but it did not help.

“the situation is Ambiguous. A controversial figure. Different attitude. But it is our history”, — said Vladislav Kononov, Executive Director of the Russian military historical society.

Now the relief has become an exhibit of the Museum Tsarskoye Selo “Military chamber”. It is in poor condition, but the details are distinguishable. Shoulder straps and awards as of January 1918. The title of Lieutenant-General Mannerheim received the command of the cavalry in the famous Brusilov breakthrough. The entire Russian army, Gustav Karlovic, as he called himself, gave 31 years of life.

“For us it is a sign of modern society. And we wish every man determined his attitude towards this Board and what was going on with her,” says Olga Taratynova, Director of the state Museum-reserve “Tsarskoye Selo”.

Mannerheim was friends with Nicholas II. Portrait of the Emperor stood on the desktop of Baron, and during the Second World war, Finland opposed Soviet Union on the German side, the troops of Mannerheim took part in the siege of Leningrad. This fact has caused such a sharp reaction to the installation of the Board and the division among the St. Petersburg intelligentsia.

“We can’t forget that the Northern part of the ring of the blockade around our city was held by the Finns. And even if Mannerheim is at least 10 % of the blame for the blockade, it’s 10 % of the victims, it is 75 thousand deaths from starvation of civilians of Leningrad. This kind of act, in my opinion, not be forgotten”, — said Kirill Nazarenko, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor St. Petersburg state University.

“When the city of Leningrad was encircled by the siege, artillery beat only on the German side. The Finns were ordered, and a single shot was not” — in turn reminds Oleg Basilashvili, people’s artist of the USSR.

the Mannerheim cooperated with Hitler, and in 1944 turned to the Finnish army against the Germans. A year later, “Red Star” among the appeals of the allies published and a congratulatory telegram Mannerheim, and reciprocal gratitude of Stalin, who to the defeated, but a worthy adversary respected it. Today the keepers of history are urged not to become the Ukrainian thugs and terrorists of ISIS. Not to fight with memory.

“If a monument to the person does not like, it is possible to discuss. If we are people can not be treated calmly, it will correctly place it to the Museum, the Museum is also preserved. To destroy just can’t. Monuments can’t be destroyed”, — says Mikhail Piotrovsky, the Hermitage Director.

Already decided not to restore the plaque to Mannerheim. Crippled the high relief will be on display in the Museum as a symbol of historical debate in modern Russian society.


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