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Mashkov left his wife and returned to the Rustle of Days.Ru

As we are assured by the media, Vladimir Mashkov parted with his civil wife Xenia Terentyeva, where he lived for several years. The artist noticed in the company of his ex-wife Oksana Shelest. Interestingly, the immediate environment of the actor, this change is not happy.

the Relations of the former spouses Vladimir Mashkov and Oksana Shelest so serious that they even allegedly living together in the apartment of the actor on Strastnoy Boulevard. However, with the people closest to celebrity she was able to find a common language. For example, the driver of the artist, who has worked for 20 years, even resigned, because, according to him, could not withstand the pressure and constant abuse. According to men, Oksana is very different from the former lover Mashkov Xenia Terentyeva.

“they moved, it became all the chores in the house to fill. Volodya himself isn’t in charge, everyone owns it. Behaves like a boss! Oksana is younger than me by twenty years, I have four grandchildren, but she did not even hesitate Vova, allowed himself to insult me and send three letters. They have repairs in the apartment started, ask: “Oksana where to put things?” And she doesn’t know, but I must. Yes, how well could you stand it? I spat, he quit!” quotes driver

But just three years ago, after a divorce with Oksana Shelest, Vladimir Mashkov was quite happy with Ksenia Terentyeva. He met with Ksenia, when he returned to Russia from America. They had big plans: to create a family and give birth to a child.

However, unexpectedly showed up Rustling. “Susie, then the priorities have changed – she’s no child simply could not live, really wanted. In General they lived in, and then the Rustling re-emerged in the life of Vova and took it a second time. Terentyev just survived, but Oksana took her place, wearing the black glasses he around stopped noticing,” said the driver Mashkov.

Vladimir Mashkov and Oksana Shelest. Photo: Julia Hanina/ITAR-TASS

moreover, the Rustle now manages the entire budget, and Mashkov afraid of her to say the word across, because Oksana has an explosive temper. Say, next to the rustle of the actor, has also complicated the character becomes completely meek and completely subject to it.

As reminds the edition, Mashkov met Ksenia Terentyeva at the beginning of 2000-ies. Their romance slowly but surely approaching marriage, but Vladimir was invited to work in Hollywood. Kseniya refused to accompany the artist, and he alone went to conquer the Western cinema.

It was then that Vladimir met Oksana Shelest. Spectacular brunette, apparently, eclipsed the modest blonde and did what seemed impossible – married actor. Unlike Ksenia Oksana easily moved behind Mashkov in America.

However, the Rustle learned that she allegedly cheated on the faithful. She was unable to survive and filed for divorce. Mashkov and then suddenly returned to Xenia Terentyeva. In 2013, there were rumors that this lovers just get married. However, this time a few broke Oksana Rustle.

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