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Bob Dylan has agreed to accept the Nobel prize – Fontanka.Ru

October 29, 2016, 12:40

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Musician Bob Dylan has no objection to receiving the Nobel prize for literature. This information appeared in Facebook of the Nobel Committee.

“can I Take the prize? Of course,” said Dylan in an interview with Sara Danius, Secretary of the Swedish Academy. According to the singer, he “appreciates the honor extended to him”, and the awarding of the Nobel initially “left him speechless”.

As reported in an extended conversation with Dylan in the newspaper the Telegraph, the singer is going to attend the ceremony on 10 December, “if possible”. A conversation with musician known American journalist and music critic Edna Gundersen first pointertorawdata Dylan in the late 1980s.

According to the journalist, Dylan looked “very satisfied” his winning, and, discussing the topic of the Nobel, was very helpful. By 2016, he several times came in the shortlist for the Nobel Committee, but the award seemed unlikely. So when the singer was first told about the Nobel, he said: “it’s Amazing, unbelievable. Who doesn’t dream about something like that?”

Dylan was not ready to discuss the merits of his lyrics: “Let other people decide what it is. Scientists need to know. I’m not qualified, I have no opinion on this issue.” The words of the representatives of the Nobel Committee, compared the poetry of Dylan with Homer and Sappho, caused Dylan’s confusion. “I believe that in some way (similarity is present – Ed. ed.) Some of my songs – “Blind Willie”, “the Ballad of Hollis brown”, “rain”, “Hurricane” – definitely a Homeric value”.

a Long silence Dylan about Nobel Edna Gundersen connects with the “unpredictable” nature of the musician, and the fact that he doesn’t like journalists.

Recall, American folk, rock and country singer Bob Dylan became noveliatm October 13 – “for the creation of new expressions in the great American song tradition.” The musician reacted to this event more than kept – has not commented on it either online or during concerts. Moreover, Dylan 20 Oct disappeared only mention of the Nobel. On this basis, some members of the Nobel Committee was offended by the singer, calling his behavior arrogant.

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