Friday, October 21, 2016

In the new clip of Shnurova Ksenia Sobchak gave his glasses a prostitute – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Barely an hour passed, and a new clip of “Leningrad” already gained about 80 thousand views. Creativity his and this time attracted attention. Moreover, this time shooting video with another Director, and one of the main characters was Ksenia Sobchak.

Televeduschaya played herself, that is a super-star. She’s terribly jealous of something similar to it the prostitute that is the new soloist of “Leningrad” Vasilisa Starshova.

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the Song “Sunglasses Sobchak” came out long ago, and here’s a video for the song – just. And story enlivened the story. The song is only about points, and I have a story, we can say, bloody gangster drama.

the First three minutes is not a song, and the story of the protagonist – a prostitute who dreams of a rich life and how glasses have Sobchachki. Then, as part of the girl gang Rob a luxury brothel. All shot each other, the blood flows like water. Survived only a prostitute. She got all the money. And bonus – reappeared Sobchak and presented those points, about which all the way and sung.

Time felt Shnurova to order a feature film for his song. The musical material is enough, and stuff will come up with the writers. And that will turn out no worse than much of what now goes on the screen.

By Friday morning “Points Sobchak” has already been seen by more than 800 thousand people, will soon be transferred over a million hits. People clip Shnurov criticized and called “Quentin Sorentino“.

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In February in St. Petersburg will open a solo exhibition of paintings by Sergei Shnurov

the Personal exhibition of the musician (and, by the way, is not the first, but perhaps the most ambitious) will be held in the Museum sovremennogo art Erarta. She is now in the process of preparation.

- It will open in early February and will last approximately 2.5 months, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda “St. Petersburg” Director of external relations. Catherine Atoyan-Milyukov (details).


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