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“Satyricon” was told about the apology Medina before Raikin – RBC

Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS

Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky apologized, the art Director “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin, the report said theatre

Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky apologized to the artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin for speaking his Deputy, Vladimir Aristarkhov at the meeting in the Public chamber on October 17. This was reported on the website of the theatre.

“the Minister Vladimir Medina on the phone apologized personally to Konstantin Raikin for offensive language and the tone of the first Deputy Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Aristarkhov”, — stated in the message.

the theatre’s Director Anatoly Polynkin, Medinsky and Deputy Mycolatry Alexander Zhuravsky also brought mutual apologies in acrimony, recognizing that the situation was negatively reinforced the message.

the report notes that on October 27, the Ministry of culture held a meeting, during which “the parties discussed acute issues of life “Satyricon”. It is noted that Palanquin and Medina were able to reach agreement regarding the financing of the theater. Raikin could not attend the meeting because he was on tour in Novosibirsk.

On the theatre’s website notes that the parties have expressed regret about the situation and agreed on further cooperation, based on mutual respect, in a relaxed atmosphere.

the Director of “Satyricon” Anatoly Palankin explained that the meeting in the Ministry of culture cannot be construed as apology Raikin. “In any case, a meeting at the Ministry of culture, which was held on 27 October, it is not necessary to understand so that Konstantin Arkadievich (Raikin. — RBC) in front of someone apologized for his words. He still believes that he is all right said the issues of censorship and issues of the creative issues that arose at our theatre as a result of underfunding,” said Palanquin.

Caused a wide public resonance, the events around his Raikin theatre began with the fact that the artistic Director of “Satirikon” gave a speech at the seventh Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia. During his speech, he urged the authorities to “speak clearly” about the attacks activists for exhibitions and performances. Raikin also stated about repeated “attack on art” and added that he considers the prohibition of censorship “greatest event” in the life of the country.

His statement criticized the leader of the bike club “Night wolves” Alexander Zaldostanov (Surgeon). “The devil always tempts freedom, he said. — And under the guise of freedom of these Raikin want to turn the country into the gutter, along which would flow the sewage,” said he. He was supported by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov.

the Kremlin in the person of press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov expressed hope that Zaldostanov apologize to Raikin for their sharp words. “The main issue in this whole discussion is a huge talent Raikin, which we treat with infinite respect. And I think that just bitch slapped this boy who insulted him. I hope he will apologize”, — said Peskov.

He had to comment on this topic again, after Zaldostanov refused to publicly apologize to Raikin. “I don’t want in any way to comment. I think it said all that needed to be said. Everything else is subject to scholasticism at the “round tables”, — summed up the Sands.

Before the speech at the Congress, who said that “the Satyricon” is experiencing financial difficulties. He explained that the theater “is in a difficult period in its development” because the building is closed on reconstruction, and the budget funds that are allocated by the Ministry of culture, go to hire venues for rehearsals. After the scandal and public exchange of remarks of the Ministry of culture has promised to help the theatre after the budget is approved in 2017.


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