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Knight of the era of Vladimir Zeldin. 1915 – 2016 – Вести.Ru

In Moscow on 102-m to year of life has died Vladimir Zeldin — a truly unique actor, the only one on the planet who took to the stage in such a respectable age. The consummate don Quixote, a unique dance teacher, a proud Highlander-shepherd of the legendary film. And dozens of other unforgettable images, created Vladimir Zeldin. Deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of people’s artist of the USSR expressed the President. In the Theatre of the Russian army are preparing for the farewell ceremony (it will be held on Thursday, November 3).

Portrait in mourning frame mounted directly on the steps of the theatre saying goodbye to the oldest actor favorite, the legendary Vladimir Mihailovich by Zeldine. On the native stage, he last went in June.

“This is my partner, my life’s a theatre in our Theatre of the Soviet army — says people’s artist of the RSFSR Larissa Golubkina. — He’s a hero a lover, I played with him a lot of performances, he is always in the characters. I met him when he was 49 years old.”

“He is incredibly loved the theater and he had never changed,” adds the national actress of Russia Olga Bogdanova.

the Knight era. To be an artist, to see happy eyes of the audience — this was the main happiness of Vladimir Zeldin. And what loyalty to a once in a lifetime theatre — red, Soviet, Russian army… And the centenary, noting on stage a four-hour performance, saying he had to work. It was his duty, his service to the Fatherland.

“Culture will save the world, says people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Zeldin. — I’d like to live in another country? No, I never wanted to do.”

In the 37th family passed the bloody wheel of repression, and in the 41st artist Zeldin already recruiting office returned to the set. Stalin ordered: work on the film “swineherd and shepherd” complete with “Song about Moscow” on the lips, went on the attack, fighting on the front lines.

“it’s Amazing — the man of 101 years to the end of his days continued to work as an artist, neither of which pensions did not think!” – says people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Basilashvili.

“Vladimir, of course, was a perpetual symbol of the Soviet, I would say, film, theater, — says people’s artist of Russia, redirector of film concern “Mosfilm” Karen Shakhnazarov. — Some feeling that while he was alive, even in the era of living together with him, and he left, and as if all this irreversibly goes away.”

a Rare role — lyric lover: how many hearts broke his dance teacher Aldemaro. The first post-war Prime Minister — the country air was necessary for this hymn the all-conquering art. “Teachers of dancing” Vladimir Zeldin has played thousands of times over 40 years — never got sick, not disrupted performance. The history of the theatre knows nothing of the sort. A few years later, “the dancing Master” has become a “Dancing master” — a play about him, Vladimir Zeldin, a great artist, preserving dignity and loyalty to the profession and to the theater.

He played in 50 films, has always traveled a lot and performed at concerts, and in October 2013, when he was 99, participated in the Olympic torch relay. And after each performance to him behind the scenes certainly came to the audience to get autographs, take pictures, ask what’s most important. And Vladimir has always repeated the words of his don Quixote: “The worst madness is to see life for what it is, forgetting what it should be.”

“He brought us into this magical world of justice and tales of talent, intelligence, acting, devotion, service to the desperate stage, — says people’s artist of Russia Tamara Gverdtsiteli. And, of course, our lives he made more beautiful than she could be.”

He was born before the revolution, growing up during the NEP, the Great Patriotic war forged character. Remember the thaw, stagnation, perestroika, and the emergence of a new Russia. Changing times tribune and slogans, and Vladimir Zeldin went on stage and played.


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