Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Director of “Satyricon”: Raikin didn’t apologize for his words about censorship – TASS

MOSCOW, October 30. /TASS/. The artistic Director of Satirikon theatre Konstantin Raikin didn’t apologise to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky for his words concerning the censorship, because I am convinced they are correct. About TASS said the Director of the “Satirikon” theatre Anatoly Palankin who participated in the meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of culture on October 27.

As reported on the website of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, on 27 October there was a closed meeting of the Department’s leadership with the Director of theatre “Satyricon” Anatoliy Balanchinym where agreement was reached on the allocation of the 2017 financial assistance to the theatre Department. Later, some media appeared information that the art Director “the Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin apologized to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky for their harsh statements about censorship, delivered at the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures.

nothing to Apologize for

“in Any case, a meeting at the Ministry of culture, which was held on 27 October, it is not necessary to understand so that Konstantin Arkadievich in front of someone apologized for his words. He still believes that he is all right said the issues of censorship and issues of the creative issues that arose at our theatre as a result of underfunding,” said Polynkin. He noted that “Raikin just have nothing to apologize for”.

“no matter what went down. And the criticism of Konstantin A. at the Congress of STD is irrelevant to the problem of creative crisis in the theatre, which could occur due to lack of funding. Raikin spoke out of the situation in the theater “Satyricon”, he was talking about different things,” said Palanquin.

the Director of “Satyricon” recalled that “the theatre has experienced several inspections of the Prosecutor’s office of the play “All shades of blue”. “Experienced and the struggle of the Deputy of St. Petersburg Duma against the performance of “Satyricon”. We have recently again passed public Prosecutor’s check on us once someone has filed we deal with child molestation. Here is Konstantin Arkadyevich had in mind, speaking at the Congress. But this is not due to the fact that said Raikin about the crisis in the theatre “Satyricon”, – said Palanquin.

Excessive emotionality

Polynkin said that he Raikin met on October 27 with Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. Artistic Director at that time was in Novosibirsk and spoke with the Minister on the phone.

“I apologized to the Minister, and the Minister apologized to me for being too emotional perception of the situation. We agreed that the Ministry will find a way to financially support the theatre. Then the Minister called Konstantin Abramovich, who at that time was in Novosibirsk, and on the phone apologized to Konstantin Arkadievich for offensive speech by his Deputy Vladimir Aristarkhova, which occurred at the hearings in the Public chamber,” – said Palanquin.

the help of the Ministry of culture

According to Director of “Satyricon”, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has promised the theater to allocate more money to cover the rent of the premises at the time of reconstruction of the main stage. “Reconstruction of culture is not involved, we are building a theatre at the expense of private business. This investment project. It is strange that the Ministry of culture did not want to resolve the issue with the rent, because the costs are, frankly, inadequate,” said Palanquin.

He explained that the state assignment of the theater spelled out two new productions a year, but because of the need to pay the rent of a platform of money for the second statement is simply not enough. “We plan two performances on the big stage, and when it came about that in 2017, we once again can not put the show on the Big stage due to the fact that we don’t have enough money, that’s about the crash and said Raikin. Therefore, Konstantin Arkadievich decided to ask the Minister about the fact that we allocate money to hire more than the amount than they were allocated. Less we emit, the less we have to spend money for other purposes,” – said Palanquin.

He explained that meant Raikin, speaking about a possible disaster theatre. “Living in the conditions of the lease when the theatre troupe, the actors have neither their room nor their grilovanych, no possible humanly, comfortably to exist, and yet not to allow them to play the new performances. It just might end badly. When Konstantin Arkadyevich was talking about the catastrophe, he meant a situation where the actors can’t play a new role, and there may come a crisis in the company,” said the theatre Director.

Plans “Satyricon”

Polanski explained that in terms of theatre the following year, two new productions of “Cyrano de Bergerac” and a play by American playwright, which has only now come to the translation of Mikhail Mishin. “This is a brand new play, no one in Russia probably didn’t read it, except Konstantin Abramovich. In this production six choice of roles, he takes this play to all of our main cast staff was busy. We begin to get in touch with America, to determine the position regarding copyright. In America the play was staged a year ago and is a huge success,” added Palanquin.


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