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The Nobel prize for literature to Bob Dylan – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW/STOCKHOLM, October 13 – RIA Novosti. the Swedish Academy responsible for the Nobel prize in literature continues to go the way of the broken pattern: this year’s winner was an American poet and performer Bob Dylan to be awarded the prestigious award “for the creation of a new poetic expression in the great American song tradition.”

Bob Dylan (real name Robert Allen Zimmerman) is an American singer and songwriter. His songs, written in 60-ies of the 20th century, such as “Blowin’ in the Wind”, “The Times They Are a-Changin”, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” became anthems of the American anti-war movement and the civil rights movement.

In 1997 from the President of the USA bill Clinton in the White house Dylan received an honorary award of the Kennedy Center, sang “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” in Bologna in the presence of Pope John Paul II and released the album Time Out of Mind, won three Grammy awards. In 2000, the Royal Swedish Academy of music awarded Dylan its Polar Prize, and he recorded the song “Things Have Changed” for the soundtrack to the film “the Prodigies” Curtis Hanson, won in 2001 the “Golden globe” and “Oscar”.

In 2008, he was awarded the Pulitzer prize “for outstanding impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of exceptional poetic power.”

During his more than fifty-year career records Dylan has sold over 100 million copies. Has published six books with his sketches and drawings.

U.S. President Barack Obama awards Bob Dylan the Presidential medal of Freedom. 29 may 2012

a New understanding of literature

the Swedish Academy’s Choice came as a surprise as last year’s decision to give the prize to the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich. In Sweden, this decision shocked many literary critics and journalists, despite the fact that this award Dylan predicted.

“I’m speechless, I really was speechless. Broken all the barriers. This is a completely new understanding of literature,” said literary critic for Swedish television, SVT Ulrika Milles, commenting on the live award this year.

cultural Figures and politicians positively evaluate the decision, calling it an event that pushes the limits of genres of literature. Thus, according to music critic Artemy Troitsky, Bob Dylan is a brilliant poet, made the transition from intellectual poetry, pop culture, and proved to be rock-poetry can be complex and metaphorical.

“To him separately existed in the American poetic tradition and the bardic tradition, and separately there was mass culture. He proved that rock and pop songs can be smart, complex, metaphorical. After him rushed a lot of authors, including our children”, — told RIA Novosti the Trinity.

the Critic is reminded that the Nobel prize for literature was awarded solely on academic and literary grounds, it received great writers and poets, but often the names of the award recipients was unknown to the General public.

“In this case the situation is reversed. Everyone knows Bob Dylan. I think the whole music world is now very excited because at the time it is not won the Nobel prize for literature many, unfortunately, already deceased rock poets: John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley and many other guys that wrote beautiful poetry, but was not in the format to receive the award. Dylan was the first to break this barrier, I hope he will not be the last of the rock poets, who swung for the Nobel prize, because he is still alive and feels Leonard Cohen, Neil young, and in our country there are Boris Grebenshchikov, Andrey Makarevich, Yuri Shevchuk, and other lovely poets,” explained the Trinity.

According to him, the Nobel Committee for literature “out of the ivory tower and look at the real world around”, but it is difficult to say how it would be a breakthrough and trend.

a New step for the Nobel Committee in the development of modern culture called awarding the prize to Dylan President of the faculty of journalism, head of the chair of foreign journalism and literature Professor Yasen Zassoursky.

“He created his own style. Therefore, it is not only love his singing, and he’s popular. And this popularity reflects its importance to many people. It’s not just a musician’s musician, which is recognized by society, we can say, and in any case, first of all, the most dynamic part of society – young people,” said Zasursky.

an Unexpected said that the decision of the Nobel Committee for literature, the Russian writer Evgeny vodolazkin up close.

“Now genre boundaries apart. Maybe this award is a sign that the concept of “literature” includes more texts. For example, last year’s decision to give the prize to Svetlana Alexievich, which caused different estimates, too, should be considered from the point of view of expanding the boundaries of literature. What yesterday was considered journalism or bard poetry becomes literature. This is normal,” — said RIA Novosti Vodolazkin.

He added that the decision of the Nobel Committee for literature are very unexpected, but rewarding Bob Dylan is “something accordant to the Russian heart.”

“we Have a culture of bards, she is very well developed. If we assume that Bob Dylan won the Nobel prize Vysotsky, Galich, Okudzhava, Kim, I’m not against”, — concluded the writer.

American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan with a doll during a press conference at the hotel George V in Paris, France. On may 23, 1966

In the name of ideals of Humanism

Novelist Lyudmila Ulitskaya was named the award the Bob Dylan wonderful event, Recalling that the will of the founder of the Nobel prize is awarded to those who work in the name of ideals of mankind.

“the awarding of the Bob Dylan seemed to me a wonderful, though unexpected. We are all accustomed to that literary prize is awarded to outstanding writers, but it is not quite so. In Nobel’s will States that the award should be given to those who work in the name of ideals of humanity. And rock culture largely served these ideals. Bob Dylan was always a man of the left, addressed to a private individual, speaking out against racism, against the Vietnam war, and against wars in General”, — told RIA Novosti Ulitskaya.

She added that the words of his songs, such as “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, “sounds as if written for today.”

Fidelity Dylan’s Nobel ideals of humanism and noted literary critic and writer Dmitry Bykov.

“to Say that he’s just a musician, I would not. He was one of those people who are singing the poetry of sharply moved forward, as well as Jim Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Dylan… an outstanding poet, Nobel faithful to the ideals of humanism. Since about 1965 his poetry around the world is widely known, people exchange it with quotes. Why would he not give?” — Bykov said RIA Novosti.

foreign Minister of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, commenting on the choice of Swedish academics, called it a courageous decision.

“I heartily congratulate Bob Dylan with this outstanding award. The Stockholm jury made a courageous decision this year explodes the boundaries of genre”, — said the Minister on Thursday in Strasbourg, his press service quoted the German foreign Ministry.

More than a poet

Ask the Chinese.

nevertheless, the choice of the Nobel literary prize in 2016, not everyone had an understanding. Russian musician Yuri Loza, which is actively present in the information space, but not so much due to past artistic achievements but because of his critical comments, said that the decision of Swedish academics incorrect.

“the Great American song tradition – it’s not the great Russian singing tradition. Our Vysotsky is more significant for Russia, for example, than Dylan for America, but no one did Vysotsky considers. The prize becomes the American pocket. What contribution to world culture did Dylan, but American? Let’s ask a half billion Chinese what Dylan has done in their culture. Probably, no,” said Vine RIA Novosti.


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