Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Ministry of culture responded to the call of Raikin to save art from censorship – RBC

the Ministry of culture believe that the art Director of theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin is no basis for statements about the possible closure of the theatre as well as the presence of “censorship” and “attacks on the arts”, said Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Alexander Zhuravsky, writes TASS.

“We were very surprised of the words of Konstantin Arkadevich Raikin as about the possible closure of the theatre, and about the existence of “censorship”, “attacks” on theatres”, — quotes Agency the words of Zhuravsky. In his opinion, “the theatre workers there is no basis for such statements.”

“If we talk about the economic indicators, then this brand in the field of our powers and functions. If we are talking about the creative part, we do not exercise any censorship,” — said Zhuravskii. He also noted that, “perhaps someone thinks that it [economic regulation] or interference, as expressed by Konstantin Arkadievich, “hitting”, but it is the implementation of the policy,” he concluded.

Also, Zhuravsky said that the government funding of the theatre “Satyricon” government spending “is twice on the same Moscow theatres”. According to Deputy Minister of culture, in 2015 the size of state subsidies to the theater Raikin was approximately 191 million rubles. “this year the amount has increased (as it was necessary to compensate for the rent for the whole season) and amounted to approximately 235 million rubles,” — said Zhuravskii.

thus, according to the Deputy head of the Ministry of culture, allocating funds, the Department has set a number of conditions “regarding the improvement of performance of theatre”. This, according to the official, was due to the fact that “the Satyricon” “began to do less performances, was less than Prime.” “”Satyricon” the worst occupancy rate among Federal theatres <…> We agreed that the user will significantly improve this figure while increasing the average wage of workers collective” — said Zhuravskii.

on Monday, October 24, Director of the theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin urged his colleagues “to speak clearly” about the closure of a number of performances and exhibitions. According to him, are “groups of offended people” whose actions Raikin called “an ugly attack on freedom of creativity.”

on Tuesday, October 25, in the Kremlin on appeal Raikin stated that censorship, as such, is invalid, but if the government “orders the work of art” and gives the money to a theatrical production, entitled “to designate a particular topic”. The journalists said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.


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