Sunday, October 23, 2016

Assistant Zadornov: It is not hospitalized, he in the sanatorium – Komsomolskaya Pravda

About severe disease, the famous satirist had to find out from him. Michael chipolino “hit” proactively because sooner or later everything would fall into media. Mikhail told in social networks, where and what plans to be treated from cancer.

68-year-old writer will be treated in a clinic in the Baltic States. In this case, before the end of the year he will continue to play, although some of the concerts because of the long-haul flights forced to cancel. So, Zadornov three weeks after the statement about the disease three times as a solo artist, made in Moscow, also participated in the radio program, appeared on the stage of “Crocus” on the comic festival, and on Saturday 22 October at the concert hall “Meridian” participated in the recording of the program “allowed to Laugh” channel “Russia 1″.

After the last performance he became ill. Supposedly, the satirist, was taken to the hospital directly from the scene. The next day in the official group of the actor in the social network appeared to confirm: “unfortunately, information on the hospitalization of Mikhail Zadornov in Moscow confirmed, let’s support Mikhail Nikolayevich and wish him a speedy recovery!”.

Rumors of hospitalization of the writer, unfortunately, was confirmed.

In the comments, one of the spectators of the concert added that the artist was able to finish and do not submit the form:

- She was at the concert and saw him there… But “Fast” certainly was not when I left – says Olga Prohortseva. – Mikhail Nikolayevich, addressed to the dressing room and left.

meanwhile, in November and December 2016 Zadornov planned 11 concerts, which now is likely a big question.

word of MOUTH

At the end of the day we got through to a representative Zadornov:

is it True that Mikhail Zadornov went to the hospital?

- No, it’s just an error, “saidKP” personal assistant to writer Elena. Mikhail Zadornov is in a sanatorium – that is true. He was there until the concert, after the concert, he there and came back.


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