Thursday, October 13, 2016

The winner of the prize for literature was a musician and poet Bob Dylan – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Not to say that it was absolutely unpredictable. British bookmaker Ladbrokes publishes its ranking of candidates for the Nobel prize, and Bob Dylan appeared in it for a long time. But the stakes, it seems, did only the fans of the singer, stubbornly believing in the impossible. Dylan trailed somewhere at the end of the list, three days ago, the odds were 50 to one.

But this morning (the mass feeling? someone insider information?) they were already 16 to 1, and Dylan confidently entered the top ten. And still almost no one in his victory didn’t believe. Most were confident that the award will give the leader of the rating expectations – honoured Kenyan writer Ngugi van Theong O. Or Japanese Haruki Murakami. Or elderly Syrian poet Adonis, who for decades was listed as one of the most likely candidates for the award. Or American classics to Philip Roth. Or Norwegian playwright Yoon Fosse way. Or…

But for the first time in history the award was given for the song. Well, that is, of course, for the texts – but few people consider them in isolation from the music and granovskogo voice. The Nobel Committee thus recognized that put to music and sung poetry in General, separate and worthy of respect the genre of this, a large of poetry. The wording States that the prize is awarded “for the invention of a new poetic expression in the great tradition of American song.” A crowd of journalists gathered in anticipation of the announcement the winner’s name (all in a live broadcast on the website of the Nobel Committee), literally exploded – applause, joyous, astonished exclamations. Well, I would – without exaggeration, sensational and historical event.

Bob Dylan.Photo: REUTERS

the Present name Dylan Robert Allen Zimmerman, he was born in 1941 in Minnesota, in a Jewish family (it is curious that his ancestors – immigrants from the Russian Empire: grandfather and grandmother on the maternal side emigrated to United States Lithuania, and my father of Odessa, after the infamous pogrom of 1905). Bob from early childhood loved to listen to the radio, and since school has created a rock band. His idol was woody Guthrie, the legendary folksinger, who created hundreds of songs on current social topics; Dylan in 1961 he met Guthrie who was already very sick, and then called himself “his most loyal follower.”

But, unlike Guthrie, in any frame Dylan did not fit. In 2007, Director Todd Haynes was making a film about him “I’m not there” – and the role of Dylan performed six actors: Christian bale, Heath Ledger, Ben whishaw, Richard Gere… and a black boy, Marcus Carl Franklin and actress cate Blanchett. They all showed a different incarnation of Dylan, endlessly changing throughout its long career. And it was justified: as written by critic Roger Ebert, “If Dylan was played by one actor, it would be a portrait of a schizophrenic”.

a rebel, he suddenly turned into a staunch Christian, angrily criticized in their songs sins. Went from music, to painting – and after a long absence suddenly came back transformed; and even his voice sometimes radically changed. Last year, he suddenly released a collection of covers of songs of Frank Sinatra. No one was surprised because no one knew what to expect from him. In this sense, the Nobel prize seems logical illogical extension of his destiny.

in General, the number already rendered him homage is huge. Hall of fame rock-n-roll, “Grammy” (11 pieces), an Oscar and a Golden globe (for the song from the film “Wonder boys”), the French Legion of honor, the highest award the United States – all by itself. But one day in the 80s, John Paul II built his entire sermon in front of 20,000 Catholics in the song is Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind”. How many musicians can count on something like that?

Performance of Bob Dylan in 1998.Photo: REUTERS

In some ways Dylan could adore, and hate; and still it was the same person who managed to have a enormous, a little something comparable influence on American and world music. And Yes – poetry. By the way, the name Dylan he once took in honor of the famous – alas, not in the Russia – poet Dylan Thomas. And when asked why, he replied: “you Know, sometimes you are born at the parents with the wrong name. And call yourself as you want to call it. This is the land of the free”.


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