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The literary phenomenon of Bob Dylan: the singer received the Nobel for resonance – Вести.Ru

the Nobel prize for literature awarded to Bob Dylan. The decision of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, I must say, surprised many. Favorites betting companies were Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, Norwegian playwright Fosse young, American classic Philip Roth, Syrian poet Adonis and the American writer don Shared. But the choice fell on the musician and poet Dylan. In may 2016, he was 75 years old. The authoritative magazine Rolling Stones put it at the top of the list of the most influential musicians of our time, right after the Beatles. Dylan — winner of other prestigious global arts awards, including “Oscar”, “Grammy”, “Golden globe”. Now he will get a gold medal depicting Alfred Nobel and the cash amount in the amount of eight million Swedish kronor, which is about 933 thousand dollars.

the Nobel prize in literature, Bob Dylan received not from the first attempt. It was nominated for it in the past 2015. Moreover, literary critics had previously recognized the contribution of author and artist in culture. In 2008, Dylan was awarded the Pulitzer prize. And then the wording was no less original than now: “for outstanding impact on popular music, marked by lyrical compositions of exceptional poetic power.”

Interestingly, the prose musician was given. His experimental novel “tarantula”, written in the 1960s, critics have apprehended in bayonets.

What is so unique about the poetry of Bob Dylan? As explained, the permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy for literature Sara Danius, his poetry is rooted in tradition, neither more nor less than the ancient Greeks. The statement is loud. We tried to disassemble one of the most famous songs of Dylan’s “masters of war” along with a writer.

In verses we hear the iambs and anapests. Pentameter is a simple two-syllable foot with the accent on the second syllable — wrote the famous ancient poets.

Also someone who understands English, notice in verse has no rhyme. The ancient Greeks also tried to rhyme the lines, wrote blank verse, which are then sung to the accompaniment of a lyre.

In terms of poetry — nothing supernatural. But, it may be in the form of presentation of literary text?

Physicists have shown the influence of sound on the state of both the living and the not living matter. For example, water droplets or metal powder scattered on a flat surface, under the influence of sound take an unusual shape. Moreover, the higher sound frequencies, the more complex geometric patterns they create.

So with the person. Sound waves of low frequencies accompany natural disasters, such as earthquakes, avalanches or mudflows. Therefore, on a subconscious level, they cause anxiety.

And the high frequency oscillations, by contrast, are associated with the pleasant chirping of birds, the murmur of the brook. The impact activates the processes of the Central nervous system and cause joy.

But singing is the impact on the listener not just text, which many may not realize, but also the melody, and feel it all.

In the vocals use two main ways of resonating. The first — lower, in the chest. While the sound is saturated, fleshy. Its frequency is small, about 600 Hertz. The second method is the top, in the region of the nasopharynx. This creates a high, sonorous sounds of a frequency of several thousand Hertz. With the help of the upper resonance in the region of the maxillary sinus, sings and Bob Dylan.

And maybe that’s why his ballads are so popular.

in General, the history knows lots of really greatest writers, really left an indelible mark on world culture that has never received a Nobel prize. In this list, and Leo Tolstoy, and Vladimir Nabokov, and nominee for 2016 Haruki Murakami.


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