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That General Pushkin and Bob Dylan – Moskovsky Komsomolets

How to challenge society in a single apartment

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Что  общего у  Пушкина  и Боба  Дилана

photo: Alexei Merinov

Bob Dylan became the Nobel prize winner. Note, not not Pelevin and Akunin and Dylan. According to the literature. And where would this bean if I did not rotting in Jamaica with the States, and in a prosperous Russia?

Today everyone lives in your bubble. Money, family, work became the main purpose in the life of any average Russian. The world of music has become a cheap addition to shopping, eating fast food, watching a TV show.

At the same time, creative individuals simply have nowhere to go. The clubs turned into pubs where the musicians only make lunch or dinner a wealthy visitor. Fundamentally new sites are created. Today, there are engineers, like, say, Andrew, Tropillo that writes the “Aquarium”, “Zoo” and “Movie” in their spare time, out of kindness; no Vsevolodov of Gacela that shaped rock wave of the nineties on the basis of the cult club “Tam-Tam”, where they spent their first concerts of the group “Pilot”, “the king and the Clown”, “Chimera”.

Today, people who stood at the origins of Russian rock, recognize that their followers have sunk in shameless Chas. They are the largest so-called “rock-fests” where you can afford to come only wealthy burgher family, and I, for one, no. Either as a spectator or as a musician or as a school teacher. And does not want to be there in any capacity.

The more that the largest of these festivals, positioning itself as a “rocker”, let yourself during performances musicians to show Russian armored vehicles, aircraft, tanks, anti-aircraft guns and guns despite the fact that the rock culture is incompatible with military paraphernalia by definition. Therefore, even such behemoths as Makarevich, simply refused to speak at these venues are “under fire”.

What can you say about young rockers watching, on the one hand, permeating all and the whole situation, and with another — all this pseudo-Patriotic fervor, bothersome bulging during the “like a rock concerts”. It turns out that today’s young rock musician is simply nowhere to play.

Now, musical culture, or, better to say, “go”, is one of the dishes of fast food. Today music serves as a soundtrack to your life, and no more. You can sing and play for a dishonest clerk to the club or to freeze in the underpass, continuing to sing “What is autumn” for a pretty penny (forgive me dad Shevchuk). Group-perepiski, artists, strangers and well-known songs swarming on Nevsky huddle in the transitions of the Arbat. Rock culture has turned into some freak show, it pulls mothballs. This means that we, musicians of a new formation, this does not have any relationship.

However, it is in our hipster and seemingly hopeless and autistic time, when everyone is staring at your gadget and plugged ears “drops”, today comes the time of a new subculture, a completely independent either from radio or from television or from production centres, of which there are currently well-known substance. We are talking about the culture of alternative sites, or, as I call it, OtherGround (loosely translated — “another platform”).

photo: Victor Noise

This is not a necessary form of concerts. This — the evolution of the musical culture. I’m one of those people who are zero years decided to act on alternative grounds, that is not where it should be dance musicians from the sphere subservient. Instead of half-hour performances at the club I allow myself to spend a whole concert performance. With my desired design, with your me sound, full lighting, finally. In addition, on alternative sites, be it an apartment, garage, cottage, House of pioneers or anti-cafe, music store, Park, forest, river, we do not encounter the rudeness of security guards, bartenders and organizers are not even remotely interested in the fact of our statement.

Apologists for the housing projects, as at the time Vysotsky, and in the rock era Grebenschikov, Tsoi and the author of the idea — Mike Naumenko, playing two to three alternative concerts a season, we play at clubs, we do it. But the fun and excitement, of course, we receive completely different from the appartment or performances in cultural centers that I’m sure are in every city of our country. To do concerts paid or not depends on various circumstances. In any case, our viewers will spend less than the club, and will see and hear more.

Think about why Pushkin read his poems on the same, in fact, the appartment, my uncle Vasily Lvovich, Vyazemsky, Batiushkov? Because the public there was going advanced and alive. Interested. Poets read for those who want to hear it, the audience listened to those who wanted to read. There was an exchange of energies. So today.

the Appartment is usually not made in haste, as pandemonium in lobeshnik. They are prepared in advance, as a rule, they are free. Often they are created, and sometimes thinking through financing attended by friends, colleagues and fans. I look at a well-known rock musicians, salivating, remembering the days when they had the opportunity to play on the alternative… Now they have no such luxury; they are burdened with debt, and their owners — just pimps Muse most of these hostages fame and “success”. In this regard not to mention my friends, rushing into it is a voluntary slavery, going over the heads, losing friends and simply degrading.

situated at the junction of all three waves of Russian rock (80s, 90s and today), I understand how important it is to get rid of Commerce and hypocrisy in this environment. Give pop culture all them reality shows, stadiums, TV and radio. Guys, we don’t need them, like yesterday. You don’t need the moneybags who buy everything. Look around you. There are thousands of us, young musicians. Let’s just focus on informal concerts, meetings. Go to the main streets of your cities, play, meet, start “word of mouth”. There are tools such replication, as the social network, where video can get a million hits. But this is not the most important.

the Soul is not in it. On the concert the musicians and the audience is equally, and sometimes more musicians than spectators. But you communicate personally, you give each other that energy that will never be able to transmit Internet or TV screen.

that’s where we have retained the same unique feature that was Pushkin and Vysotsky, no one held accountable, no one else to navigate, play and say what you want and not to compromise with the “comrades scientists from music.” And to understand, whether hear you.

Play concerts in libraries, in the Homes of veterans who try to negotiate their conduct with the common people, avoiding the rotten club the pit. Publish the results of the Network, and the drum run. Best of you will see and hear, and if heard at a concert.

I am confident that the future of rock culture, and not only for alternative sites. And I hope that we all soon will see.


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