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“Why Bob Dylan and not Vysotsky?”: Arthur Gasparyan said the Vine – Moskovsky Komsomolets

what’s epoch-making “flourishes” Nobel prize

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Many bookmakers, as in the case with Sergey Lazarev at Eurovision, missed bets on the cult Japanese writer Haruki Murakami as a potential favorite of the current Nobel prize in literature. To find out what was awarded to her by the American rock bard Bob Dylan, was for me a real shock wide range of surprise news in the morning to a magical delight in the evening.

«Почему  Боб  Дилан, а  не  Высоцкий?»:  Артур  Гаспарян  ответил  Лозе

Bob Dylan

All day thinking of the rest, without exaggeration, the world (given right not right?) I only clearly understood from the first moment, that in any case the incident a lot funnier and more positive than the Nobel peace prize to the Palestinian terrorist Arafat, which still can not calm down, even after so many years after the death of the last of a suspicious illness.

the Nobel Committee that is called lame. On the ears is really the whole world. In the “MK” in favor of our rock masters Alexander Gradsky and Andrey Makarevich. I do not doubt that intelligent and educated people will say Yes and will rejoice as a coworker, and for the entire genre of rock in its musical, poetic, not to mention protest, incarnation.

of Course, the local latter-day nihilist and subversive of all things, the former hit maker Yuri Loza is also not left behind. They say: “Why in American culture it is necessary to give a global prize?”.

According to the motivational part, outlined by the Secretary of the Swedish Academy Sara Danius, 75-year-old Maestro was awarded “for the creation of a new poetic expression in the great American song tradition.” Snobs quipped: “the Prize has become a literature-related or okolomuzykalnyh?”. But Mr. Vine is dug deeper, the so-called tomatoes. “She’s only a hundred years!” – he poked a finger at the “American song tradition,” at the time, as a European, he says, has its roots “in antiquity”.

However, the landed still not Martians, if memory serves, the Portuguese Columbus in 1492, then moved up centuries the whole of Europe – from the Irish to the Italians to Russian Ukrainians, were brought EN masse and Africans interbred with the remnants of the exterminated Indians not born “American culture”, which has roots, it turns out, goes back to antiquity not that one, and as many as four continents (considering also come in large numbers and later the Chinese).

“we Have Vysotsky more invested in the Russian culture, but his candidacy for the Nobel prize had not considered! And his Bob Dylan is in China and Japan, and everywhere as many as you want. But the Nobel prize nobody gives”, — raged mere Fantômas dissatisfied Vine. And pointedly infer: “So, it’s an American award, which Americans gave to themselves!”. AND THE CIA? Forgot? Do not doglyadel? Well, what about the Jura?!

Now, don’t grunt would Vine the next thing I would have said nothing, maybe. Because, although sometimes listen back with incredible high granovskoy Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, but to call myself a connoisseur of what, but of the whole of American poetry, including her rock segment would not undertake. Even with a decent knowledge of English. Therefore, the wording of the Nobel wise men (many of whom are native speakers, but for others it is almost a second main) I take for granted.

But, Yura, you should be ashamed! Still, in contrast to Vladimir Vysotsky and “great national bards” of countries that you list, Bob Dylan the whole world knows. And the fact that American culture, including the song, global – fact, though sad, apparently, to you, but it is a fact. Who is your “Girl in bar” prevented also become a global hit? What chew snot? A Russian girly t.A.T.u. and all of America (plus Japan, Australia, Europe, about Africa, I don’t know) they applauded at the time. They too, like Dylan, have become part of world music and mass culture. To the Nobel prize, of course, unlikely to reach, but its international awards, including in America, received. Well done!

When “mediocre” poetry “parasite” and “asocial element” of a native citizen of Leningrad and blockade of Joseph Brodsky became famous not only of the KGB and hunted by the readers of samizdat but to the whole world, he also received a Nobel prize. Typically, however, America was not home-grown “vine”, which would be so freaked because of the Nobel celebrations of the Russian poetic tradition, but it is our vile Soviet propaganda continued to “wet” the “traitors”. As long as this hateful people with sickle-answer “homeland” drowned in the river of history Summer, and already here, including the rostrum, suddenly talking about “great Russian poet”. Saw the light so to speak… and Unable to recall Solzhenitsyn, Nureyev. Many…

Bob Dylan is not only a character from the “Hall of fame rock-n-roll”, but the owner and the Pulitzer prize, for a moment… His achievements in the world of music is Undeniable. Already! In the literature? Discussion. But not in this slonenkom the key that Mr. Loza, the former hit maker, elected now by the way your seslavinskogo of purcica very local (don’t even say national) scale. He, after all, not that Nobel prize, even Skobelevka not Shine.

And rockers all over the world, meanwhile, triumphed. Rebellious, basement, garage, undergroundy genre that rock was at the dawn of its formation, has received SUCH status and recognition in the face of one of its pillars, pioneers and geniuses! The story makes a new iconic revolution!

Alla Pugacheva has long said the wise words: “Good songs do not grow old, they become classics”. Bob Dylan not even yesterday has become a classic – and music, and rock poetry. After the award of the Nobel prize rock poetry becomes formally recognized as part of world literature.

while Stereotypes prevent many to agree with it categorically. But at the same time was the art of Michelangelo? Just popular and applied decorative decorations for the depravity of the rich and the papal officials of the middle ages. Pointovyh of postcards then in the gift shop was not – to the walls-potolochki to hang. Operas of Handel and Mozart’s opus was written under the order for the monarch’s “corporate” and “discos” that time to the neighboring kings to show off, to please their ladies and themselves to get high Yes, hang out. If anyone was thinking about spitting into eternity, it was only after a hearty dinner under the relaxing music of the court, “Muzykantsky”…

“Carmen” by Bizet generally failed at the premiere and was mercilessly savaged by critics for “immorality”. Tell them then that it is a masterpiece of world scale – would have spat. Shostakovich even when our grandmother was caught in the fact that instead of music he vparivaet gullible worker-peasant power solid mess and bourgeois formalism…

Humanity and the nation over the years and centuries rethink their own accomplishments and “immutable” rules. I think that the award to Bob Dylan, great musician and poet, Nobel prize in literature for “the creation of new poetic expressions” is once again evidence of this eternal dialectic in overcoming humanity’s own stereotypes.


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