Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Arrival kazahstankih artists at the festival “Compatriots 2015″ in question – Proceedings of Mordovia

Arrival kazahstankih artists at the festival “Compatriots 2015″ in question


At the press conference, which took place just a few hours before the grand opening of the XI International th Festival I Russian drama theater “Compatriots 2016″, the journalists presented a new member of the expert council. By long-standing, permanent ensemble of Moscow critics – Natalia Staroselskaya, Maya Romanova Lyubov Swan and Elena Glebova, this time joined by Honored Artist of Russia, a specialist in musical scenic genre, Ph.D. Sergey Korobkov

By the way, it has already happened in part to get acquainted with the works of masters, Russian drama Mordovia six months ago at the Interregional festival “The Volga theater-2015″ where Saransk performers showed “memorial prayer” Gorin.

also, organizers said reporters that until the last moment in question is the question of participation in the festival of Kazakh musical-drama theater, which is going to show in Saransk heroic melodrama “The cranes Are Flying” based on V. Yezhov play.

to ak explained Natalia Staroselskaya morning 28 March the administrators of the Kazakhstan team called and said he had come to the festival, they will not. However, the night was called back again and was assured that everything is still going against all odds come to Saransk and meet Saransk audience!

In any case, if the circumstances do not allow the same kazahstankim artists get to Mordovia, organizers suggest instead declared “Cranes” show viewers again Saransk “Requiem».

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