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CEC was almost is unanimous – Kommersant

The new composition of the Central Election Commission (CEC) elected leadership almost unanimously. The commission was the former Ombudsman, Ella Pamfilova. As predicted by “b”, the vice-president was Nikolai Bulaev and Secretary – CEC member Maya Grishina previous convocations. Now members of the CEC will start the distribution of powers.

the first meeting of United Russia, the oldest member of the CEC Valery Kryukov (the CEC since 2003). As predicted by “Kommersant” on March 25 representatives of the former leadership of the CEC, none of which has not been reassigned, was not at the meeting. The nomination of a new Chairman of the Commission went to the CEC member Boris Ebzeyev. He presented Ella Pamfilova as “an outstanding statesman”, the People’s Deputy of the USSR still he knows himself since 1991. At the same time over the years in politics, it was able to maintain respect, said Mr. Ebzeev. Usually Opposing management CEC representative of the Communist Party Eugene Kolyushin said that he knew Ms. Pamfilova since 1989, when he worked in the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the USSR. “It combines the quality of people’s advocate and statesman”, – he added. Alternatively, a candidate put up for the first time appointed a member of the Central Executive Committee of former State Duma deputy from the LDPR Sergey Sirotkin. The Audit Commission, headed by a new member of the CEC Evgeny Shevchenko of “Patriots of Russia” has counted 14 of the 15 votes in favor of Ms Pamfilova. There was applause. “And let our behalf to present these beautiful roses,” – declared Mr. Kryukov, replaced Ella Pamfilova the Chair.

“I assume that although elected chairman of the CEC, but this is the first among equals”, – announced Pamfilova. And then he raised the issue, which was not on the agenda: on amendments to the rules (see “Kommersant” on March 25th.). It is proposed to amend it in accordance with the law on the basic guarantees of electoral rights of citizens of the Russian Federation, which says that the CEC shall elect a chairman, deputy and secretary of the commission. It is necessary to ensure “the unconditional fulfillment of the law”, and it will bring “some budget savings,” added the head of the commission. The second deputy from the former head of the CEC Vladimir Churov has appeared in 2008, it was a former employee of the presidential administration Leonid Ivlev. “Kommersant” sources in the CEC does not exclude that his next federal election may be a place in the headquarters of “United Russia”. The Party of such species on Mr. Ivlev not know.

The issue of regulation was discussed more actively than on personalities. Against the amendment to the regulations was Sergey Sirotkin: He said that you can not spend money on additional collateral the second deputy, but the parties to ensure parity of representation (he wanted to be deputy chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party). “Two recent convocation representative of the Liberal Democratic Party led by the CEC,” – said the new committee member Alexander Klyukin. This was a departure from the truth. Mr. Churov was formally proposed by the LDPR faction in the State Duma in 2007, but in 2011 his candidacy in the CEC has appointed President. Boris Ebzeev said the law clearly says about the election of a chairman. “Traditionally, we have been working as part of a chairman, two deputies and a secretary This tradition is a bad act outside of the will, which worked out the Parliament, taking the law.”, – He added. This attitude has surprised a new CEC member from the “Fair Russia” Nikolay Levicheva, who asked Mr Ebzeeva as “the former judge of the COP” clarify “who raised the question of” abuse of law in the Central Election Commission and whether it is logged at the meetings. Boris Ebzeev also stressed that he could say “just about the last five years”, when he was in the CEC, but “the question was put.” “I am not a former judge of the COP, COP and the judge retired, and believe me – in honorable retirement” – he said.

After the adoption of amendments to the regulations, Ella Pamfilova has proposed to appoint his deputy suspended his membership in the “United Russia” Nikolay Bulaeva and Secretary – Maya Grishina. Could be intriguing: Nikolai Levichev put forward as an alternative to Mr Ebzeeva to the Secretary post, but he praised Ms. Grishina as a professional and a “workaholic”, recused himself. After the election made by the party members. The head of the Public Chamber Alexander Brechalov stated that “it is important not to repeat what happened in 2011,” referring to the speeches at the Swamp.

Now the members of the CEC requested to prepare their proposals for the functional and supervised regions, told “Kommersant” a new member of the CEC – the ex-deputy from the Communist Party Vasily Likhachev. He himself, for instance, is going to supervise the international activities and voting in military units abroad.

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