Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Rolling Stones arrived in Cuba for a free concert – BBC Russian

British rock band Rolling Stones arrived in Cuba, where on Friday held its free concert, which will be the largest musical performances in Havana after the revolution of 1959.

On this week Liberty Island visited the US President Barack Obama, who announced the disappearance of the last reminders of the cold war, in South and North America.

Concert “Rolling Stones” will be held at the Ciudad Deportivo stadium.

in for many years, Cuban authorities persecuted young people infatuation for rock music, which saw the corrupting influence of Western capitalism. In addition, the Cuban government has long banned the informal mass gatherings of people

Some Cubans listen to popular Western music in secret, sharing with each other plates

“Time changes everything” -.. I saw the leader Rolling Stones Mick Jagger arrives at the airport in Havana.


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