Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The pianist Matsuev has recommended the state to invest in education – BBC

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People’s Artist of the Russian pianist Denis Matsuev said that in the country there is not a single enterprise for the production of a piano, reports TASS .

The pianist added that during visits to the regions trying to convince the governor to purchase for schools and concert halls of grand pianos. He noted that already acquired more than 50 tools manufacturing the world’s best brands.

«And go to ordinary music school and look at what the children play there. The same antediluvian Soviet broken tools as purchasing foreign schools – is very expensive, and its new no “, – said the actor.

According to him, during the Soviet era in the country it was great tools, so the lack of modern production terrifying. He also said that the country lacks the master tuners, and the authorities should get things off the ground.

«The state should invest in education, not necessarily because evaluate everything in terms of benefits and a gain. You can think about the more valuable, that the above material “-. Added Matsuev

Previous reported that the concert of the Russian pianist at New York’s Carnegie Hall on January 27 passed . the full house

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