Thursday, March 31, 2016

Culture and tourism, along with weapons and oil – Russia business cards – News

Photo: Lime / Vladimir Suvorov

The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medina named four business cards Russia. It is Russian culture, Russian oil, Russian arms and in the future – domestic and inbound tourism. This thesis is the minister announced in the report of the board of the Ministry of Culture on the results of 2015.

This Medina has anticipated address by the Vice-premier Olga Golodets, praised the agency activities in the reporting period. Actually, the minister stopped mainly on success, stressing that the most important thing in the ministry’s activity – an active cultural policy, and it is, strictly speaking, is conducted.

According to Medina, in the past year there was a quantitative and qualitative increase in all indicators. At the same time as the initial starting point, as a rule, the data were taken in 2012, when an officer only took office.

So, the growth of museum attendance has increased by 27%, theaters – 10%. Specific reference was made such leaders of theatrical art as the Bolshoi, Mariinsky, BDT, Chekhov Moscow Art Theater Vakhtangov. In addition, the Minister supported the proposal STD Chairman Alexander Kalyagin on declaring 2017 the Year of the theater.

Medina noted the success of the concert organizations and libraries. Talk about raising the prestige of our cultural education, including such previously malovostrebovannoy area as librarianship. He assured that, despite the economic crisis and budget sequestration, will do everything possible to 2016 the average salary of workers of culture was not below the level of the first in 2015.

On a special predilection for the cinema minister is known, it seems, everything. But the favorite genre, except for individual achievements, the official is not pleased. The facts, according to Medina, not to indicate a qualitative breakthrough national cinema “or in terms of self-sufficiency and nor sustainable competitiveness of.” Especially cinema networks got that stubbornly refuse to increase the box office before the agreed share of Russian films. Minister hopes for dialogue with the film community and promised “news in this respect».

At the words “restoration of historical and cultural heritage” and listen carefully without Hall It became even closer – high-profile case of the detention of the Ministry of the leading workers suspected of inflating the cost of the restoration work on everyone’s lips.

«From the words of the song can not erase: a core Ministry department for four years, done tremendous work – and organizational, and economic and informative” – ​​the minister said, immediately making it clear that their employees are not surrender. And then save the data led the federal budget of competitive placement of orders for restoration works: in 2015 – almost 15% on average, and in some objects – up to 24%. For comparison, these savings amounted to 1.17% in 2011.

«This is done by lowering prices in the course of trading, rigid control over the estimated cost, at the expense of picky examinations, due to the formation of a real system of competition”, – said the speaker, and then he reads out the impressive list restored objects.

The audience responded with applause and later repeatedly returned to injured officials. The former head of the Audit Chamber Sergei Stepashin said that the “wrong one stroke destroy all that has been done.” The College supported it, taking a unanimous decision to petition to change the measure of restraint arrested. To this the minister said that the agency in accordance with the law “tactfully” will issue a proposal to be sent to the relevant authorities.

For other items report of the High Assembly’s reaction was not so unanimous, although on the whole board members praised the work of ministry.

The head of “Mosfilm” Karen Shakhnazarov gracefully evaded discussing the problems of Russian cinema, but as the undisputed plus the Ministry of Culture said free access to Russian museums children under 16 years.

Provincial Theatre artistic director Sergei Bezrukov proposed to include in the state program of regional tour with the children’s performance and called pay more attention to “free from the pressure of the producer” auteur cinema, even though he, by his own admission, never it was not removed.

Denis Matsuev has used the platform for a story about his new Piano competition. Fyodor Bondarchuk on behalf of the filmmakers thanked the Ministry for the protection of their copyright. Mikhail Piotrovsky greeted those present with the release of Palmyra and called for a system of insurance guarantees for museums. Vladimir Urin welcomed the imminent adoption of the law on patronage. The head of the Bolshoi Theatre, the board of trustees which consists of the richest people in Russia, said “serious and decisive step that will definitely help solve a number of pressing issues to attract private funds».

Yuri Bashmet talked about quite other money. “Add the salaries of teachers of music schools and conservatories teachers – asked violist. – They’re zealots. Will work for free, but give money. ” Hall applauded. The minister did not say anything.

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