Saturday, March 26, 2016

The British group Rolling Stones for the first time in its history, made in Cuba – Radio station Echo of Moscow

The concert of rock legends in Havana – he was free – was visited by about half a million people.

They brought the music of free people to Liberty Island. Concert of “Rolling Stones”, as before the visit of US President Barack Obama called historic. After all, the musicians of this magnitude in Cuba, there were no more than half a century. Since then, as the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro in the early 60s banned rock music. I call it subversive. And said that the pernicious influence of the US and the West do not have a place in a socialist state. For many years, Cuban authorities persecuted the young and not very people for rock hobbies. On radio and television, he also sounded. Fans of Beatles, Rolling Stones and many other groups had secretly exchanged clandestine recordings. Therefore Rolling Stones visit to Cuba has become a grand event. Huge stadium in Havana was filled to capacity wishing to see and hear the “Rolling Stones”. Walls Ciudad Deportivo literally tremble with the sound of an enthusiastic audience when the band came on stage.

Many people came to the concert T-shirts with the logos of the group knew the lyrics by heart. “Hello Havana! Good evening my Cuban people “, – said in Spanish Mick Jagger and the band began the concert. The program could meet the most experienced music lover. There were Brown Sugar and Paint It Black, It’s Only Rock’n’roll and of course Satisfaction. That ended her concert gig. But the people for a long time did not leave the stadium. Continuing the theme of the chorus Satisfaction. Having been in contrast to the hero of the song great satisfaction from the arrival of the British. Time changes everything, said the concert Jagger and the Cubans are hoping that the clock would not move.

In Cuba, musicians arrived at the end of a great Latin American tour. Rolling Stones previously made in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.


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