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What to look for at the Moscow Cultural Forum – BBC

For three days, 25, 26 and 27 March, in the Moscow Central Exhibition Hall “Manege” will be held Moscow Cultural Forum (IFF) – event organized by the Moscow Department of Culture as a review of everything that now is in the city’s cultural life. Conceptually, this event inherits the ideas of the International Cultural Forum, which took place in the same “Manege” in the autumn of 2014 and has become, as it turned out, the report on the work of Sergei Kapkova – a few months later, in March 2015, he was dismissed and the post of Minister of culture of Moscow took Alexander Kibovsky.

The ICF-2016 can be seen as the story Kibovsky that he managed to do in this post for his first year as a minister.

The concept of forum therefore it became rather vague. Influenced this vagueness and its program to understand the principles of formation of a challenging event in different directions take place at the same time in the neighboring areas and some do not fit the strategy. Nevertheless, the “Times” identified several areas to which attention should be paid to those who wish to visit the “Arena” in the last three days.


In the Year of Russian Cinema IFF I could not pass this art form. Also predictable presentation network subordinate to the Department of Culture of Moscow cinemas on the forum will present the film festival of the cosmos “108 minutes”, which opens on April 5 on the site Space Museum and will be timed to the 55th anniversary of the first manned flight into space.

Those who lack any formal events, it is worth to visit a closed meeting for the Year of the Russian cinema of the organizing committee in Moscow (25 March). Its participants are printers, Kibovsky and Nikita Mikhalkov, who will talk about what will happen in this area of ​​Muscovites in 2016, and will sign an agreement on cooperation between the Moscow government and the Directorate of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival.


in the days of the International Film Festival 2016 and had the “Night at the Theatre” (devoted to the International Theatre day – 27 March) – perhaps this is why the theater program of the forum has turned most probably saturated. Actually the “Night at the Theatre” will begin on March 26 and will last until late at night on the 27th; it will be attended by more than 60 Moscow theaters (of which 12 are represented in the ICF program).

During the “Night” you can stroll through the backstage, to see first-run and take part in the “Poetic Nights” from ” . Gogol-center »

In the” Arena “and all three days will run an exhibition prepared by various theaters – among them the Bolshoi Theatre exposure Electro” Stanislavsky “MDT Pushkin,” The Contemporary, “Maly theater ., and many other institutions

Museum park

In principle, quite saturated program of the forum represented all areas of Moscow culture – libraries, cultural centers and art schools, most often they are trying to work on the junction of genres. Enough, however, and “pure” in the sense of genre events – for example, the discussion of the museum “Garage” or lecture director of Gorky Park. Gorky Elena Tyunyaevoy about the prospects of the combined park space stretching from Muzeon to Sparrow Hills. Or lecture curator of the fashion department of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, which is scheduled for March 26.

But the park “Sokolniki” just went into the mixing side -. His staff (including the director Andrei Lapshin) will present a new concept, providing for the transformation of the park in the park-museum.


If you do not attract the events and real people, they can also be found on the ICF. Thus, the meeting with the audience to hold the People’s Artist of the USSR Vasily Lanoviy, actor, theater director and teacher Dmitry Brusnikin will talk about his workshop. In addition, it will be possible to hear the verses of the poet Dmitry Vodennikova and actor of theater “Lenk” Anton Shagina

His new project will present the actor, writer and producer Igor Ugolnikov ( “Batalon”, “Brest Fortress”) -. Kinoalmanah ” The First World war “, which was created in collaboration with the US filmmakers, Serbia, Germany, Turkey, Great Britain, Canada, France. This is a series of short stories dedicated to the Great War, made in different styles and techniques – so that French cinema is represented by the animated short film. This anthology will be released in cinemas in Russia in May this year.

Full IFF program can be viewed on the site offline


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