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Jesse Eisenberg on the work in the film “Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of justice” – BBC

Today, Jesse Eisenberg – one of the most prominent and sought-after actors in Hollywood. To break into the big leagues due to the role of Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network” by David Fincher six years ago, he did not lowers the speed. Eisenberg – the actor chameleon, capable of any reincarnation and does not avoid any blockbusters or independent films. We meet on the set of the film “Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of justice,” in which Jesse played the villain Lex Luthor. In contrast, Gene Hackman, which is associated with this character among fans of the classic “Superman”, Eisenberg made his character more nervous, infernal, and most importantly – charming. Upon meeting the actor stares into the eyes and proves excellent, attentive interlocutor, ready to take the initiative in a conversation. So what happens in this case, as soon as the recorder is turned on, the first question was from the Jesse

– You’re from Russia.? What city

-? From Moscow

-. It is necessary, and I just recently went on a trip to Russia. I was in Yakutsk, in St. Petersburg. Even in the village of Zaporozhye! Were you there

-? Really ?! No, I never have been

-. Here. This is because you – the citizen of Russia. Tourists always know the country better than its citizens. Have you ever seen the drifts in Yakutsk? This is something incredible! Only I did not know how to walk

on them -. So you need boots. What were you doing in Russia

-? I Travelled with my girlfriend. Her family lives in Siberia. Before the trip, I found the app to the phone, teaching Russian frazochki like “My girlfriend likes to eat apples.” ( Laughing .) Tell me, how in Russia belong to Vladimir Putin

-? Different

-. I at all interested in politics. I like to discuss and debate of world leaders on the subject of who owns both of his strength. Always to need to make a tyrant who, and who does not. Once we went to Mexico and began to follow the president to see what he does in everyday life. Once we saw how he distributes food to the homeless. At the same time he did all this for the cameras, but just. I was delighted. I realized that the “tyrant” – a big word that is used mainly for antipropoganda

-. Your character in “Batman vs. Superman” is also a villain in the eyes of others. Tell us how you get used to the role of

-? I always try as much as possible to feel the character so much, to merge with them together. In preparation for the role, I thought a lot about the people who have too much power (like Superman) and who use it only for destruction. He tried to analyze his envy to them and to their abilities, because my hero envy Superman, his people’s love.

In ordinary life we ​​are trying to suppress my jealousy, anger, desire power, and my goal was to let them out.

The first time I did not think in life how to be a model citizen, and I must admit, I felt a certain relief. It was also interesting to study theology, mythology, who is interested Luthor. Superman is exposed in the film in the role of God, but he was a god, like nuclear weapons, which in an instant can destroy everything around. Therefore, my hero is sure that he has to stop and consider himself the savior of the whole human race, feels his mission

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– How do you feel playing villains

-? I feel like a superman. I always think of myself as the main character, force myself to believe that my hero is doing the right thing, he’s a good guy. After all, even cruel people believe in what they are doing something useful for humanity, and Lex Luthor does not consider himself a villain. The biggest challenge for me was to give the hero charm to confuse the viewer, make him fascinated and perplexed, who Lex -. A good guy or a monster and a psychopath

– matter to you that the director will Zack Snyder is

-? not particularly. First of all, I snagged a script. I got an interesting character, very real, unconventional. As for this particular universe, I still do not understand one thing: how people could not recognize Clark Kent in Superman? He has in fact no disguise but points

-! Fans of comics are now naturally divided into supporters of Batman and Superman. Who is closer to you

-? I try to think in the same way as my character. Lex sees Batman opponents, but understands and how they are similar: both are orphans, both billionaires, who have made themselves all. A Superman – one who intervenes in both cases. In general, I prefer Batman, we have a common enemy – Superman. On the other hand, I understand viewers who think Batman bohemian billionaire selfish and taking the side of Clark Kent.

Jesse runs to his phone and asked to help him with something. It turns out, work out one of the dozens of applications, training Russian language. Mysterious voice and then repeats the strange phrases like, “Do you for communism?” Or “Pour and more!” That Jesse must be repeated with correct intonation. “I’m sorry, I can not miss a session»

-. Abstracting from your intimacy with Lex, for you personally, it is pure evil

-. I think it is, of course, terrible, but it has tangible reasons to do what he does

it is sincerely convinced that trying to warn people about the dangers and that’s why the audience feel sympathy for him, outsiders always its cause, even if they are at the same paranoid that everywhere see a threat

-. There are comic book characters, which you would like to play ?

– no, because I do not read comics. I had read a few in preparation for the film, and when I read them, I realized that Lex Luthor – the most interesting character in this story. He knows how to be different. On the one hand, the public is very charming personality, philanthropist. On the other – a man full of rage, self-doubt, spoiled Psycho

-. If you could get a supernatural power, what would it be? Or would remain a man

-? Mm-m .. I wish I had that I had more energy. But make coffee for me this job. But seriously, I would like to stay vse-taki person.

– you specifically choose complex characters suffering from psychological trauma?

– Actually in this scenario, all written is not always, but I will certainly try to find the breakdown for each of his hero, even if the plot of the injury is not destined to occur. Fortunately, the “Batman vs. Superman” is just focused on the quirks and eccentricities of my hero

-. What would you do if Superman has appeared in our world


I do not believe it, because I – an adult ( makes a serious face ). But in general, I hope Superman does not see our film, if it turns out here, because then he would kill me at once, not realizing that I’m just an actor. ( Laughing .)

– Do you have a dream role

-? No, I prefer to rely on fate. Let me explain.

For example, I never thought I will play an interesting villain in a multimillion-dollar blockbuster, but I was lucky. If you do not think, the reality exceeds expectations

-. Your films are very different, have a favorite genre?

– I starred in “Batman” simultaneously with the film “Louder than a bomb”, where he played with Isabelle Huppert. This picture is very different from the “Batman”, and the principle of work for me does not change: and here and there I played the same way. In the film “Louder than Bombs” I play a character who leaves a wife and children to survive the death of the mother. And in the film Zack Snyder, I’m trying to kill Superman, because mourn his childhood. It is one and the same theme, just different approaches.


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