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Wedding son of billionaire Gutseriev: Sting, Jennifer Lopez, Pugachev and two-meter cake – TVNZ

Mikhail Gutseriev – a unique person in our show business. One foot – in banking and the oil business, the other – in the affairs of more elevated. He writes songs of our artists – from Stas Mihaylova to Christina Aguilera Philip Kirkorov . He speaks radio receives honorary diplomas to the “Song of the Year” for his poetry. And in honor of the wedding of his son Said Gutseriev rolled his world-class party.

# svadbaGutserievyh Photos: _________ tz

We once thought that such an event in the restaurant “Safisa” fallen asleep in the Lord. Not satisfied with more than Thalmann Ismailov and similar businesses mega banquets inviting foreign stars. But there is life in the old dog yet! Still, despite the sanctions, Western stars are drawn caravan for a long dollar to the capital. And, just like before, our businessmen are willing to spend money on a fabulous pleasure themselves and their families. “Forbes” magazine calls clan Gutserievs richest Russian . And its expansion, of course, was to be held at a height.

During the preparation of “Safisa” to the event watched with amazement all residents Khamovniki during the week. Always something built, brought a huge number of colors, gloomy men combing the perimeter. And so, on Saturday, March 26th, the cards were opened. 28-year-old Gutseriev Said , the son of billionaire Mikhail Ingush Cafarbekovicha finally married a modest beauty Khadija Uzhakhovs , which will soon be 20 years old. They say that a suitable bride to Sayid searched for almost a couple of years – and still found. According to our sources, the girl – a student, studying at MSMSU named Yevdokimov at the dentist. Beauty and shy – that is necessary

Here and beautiful bride, Khadija.. # SvadbaGutserievyh Photo: ainaimb

The beauty and youth bride stressed thousands of live flowers, which was decorated entrance to the concert Facilities on the street, the entire first floor and the very celebration of the place. Expensive (experts say that such floristic composition are in the area of ​​200 thousand dollars – almost 14 million rubles), but will be remembered for a lifetime. Sama Khadija was incredibly beautiful dress by Elie Saab fashion house weighing 25 kilos. Evening dresses from the brand are about 200 000 rubles, wedding – from 700 000 rubles. Since this order was made to order, and has managed it, according to our estimates, somewhere in a million rubles.

Ooooochen beautiful bride, elegant wedding Photo: zalyapalya

Guests were entertained by artists for all tastes. For youth – Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias . Sanctions, sanctions, and everyone wants to make money

# enriqueiglesias #wedding #moscow Photo:. lionbass1

By the way, their arrival stood Gutseriev is not in those exorbitant amounts that already appear in the press. Each of these artists, according to the promoters of the capital, now corporate performance in our capital is 1 million – a maximum of 1.5 million euros (this applies in particular J. Lo)

Jennifer Lopez and Sting sang in Moscow for the son of a billionaire Gutseriev

by the way, your money is all spent in full. Jennifer several times changed clothes, spared himself, speaking in full force, as well as to congratulate the young from the stage, even after learning difficult for a foreigner Ingush names: “The wedding of Said and Khadija – it was sweet!»

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Jennifer Lopez congratulated the bride and groom _bandinaya _

Enrique Iglesias and Alla Pugacheva at the” wedding of the year “

For the older generation were Patricia Kaas, Sting and Alla Pugacheva. Diva came at the end of the celebration – and its output has become the most icing on the cake. She sang “Love Is Like a Dream” and “Invite the lady to dance”, which is performed under a slow dance with a leading event, Vladimir Berezin . It was in a good mood and a luxurious robe, under which hid the little black dress

highlight of the program “wedding of the year.” – Alla Pugacheva

Diva elmira_baysultanova

finally Alla left the guests to personally congratulate the young: “Nothing else can make me happy, because I see the happiness, to feel the happiness of the people who are close to you are, see the desire to be happy – it is the most beautiful thing that can be “.

Alla Pugacheva congratulates newlyweds rubinshtein.f

The guests, among which, incidentally, was the first president of the Ingushetia Ruslan Aushev , and the current head of Yunus-bek Yevkurov , were completely satisfied – and national dances, and Western Star …

With the first! # RuslanSultanovich # RuslanAushev # Aushev # pervyyPrezident # konah # Aina # AynaAmazonka # AynaGetagazova # svadbaGutserievyh Photo: ainaimb

The food and traditional Caucasian dishes and sushi, and caviar, and pilaf … and in the final – the powerful fireworks that could be heard all over the west of the capital. And, of course, the cake, the height of two human growth, which was crowned with a Muslim symbol – the crescent and star

Firework. on the “wedding of the year”


Hu of Mr. Gutseriev?

Ingush billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev Photo: ITAR-TASS / Vyacheslav Prokofiev

58-year-old Mikhail Gutseriev Safarbekovich – the main owner of the financial and industrial “Bean” group. According to estimates of the magazine “Forbes” magazine, his fortune of $ 2.8 billion. Included in the list of the twenty richest developers the world. He speaks: “RussNeft” (70%) (left the post in February 2015 the president of the company), “Nephthys” (70%), BIN (39.4%). Speaks radio: “Spring the FM,” “East the FM,” “Capital FM», Love Radio, «Radio Dacha”, “Taxis are the FM,” “says Moscow » ( to buy them spent about 100 million dollars) and “Chanson” (acquired last year for $ 66 million).

Overview guests of the garage “wedding of the year”


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