Monday, March 21, 2016

Rosobrnadzor deprived of accreditation 5 universities – REGNUM

Moscow, March 21, 2016, 09:57 – REGNUM The Federal service for Supervision in the sphere of education and science is completely deprived of state accreditation of five high schools and forbade receiving three reported in Rosobrnadzor.

according to the results of checks completely lost control accreditation Institute and Institute of international relations.

It is also not for the removal of inappropriate content and the quality of training accreditation deprived Academic Law Institute, a branch of the Institute of Svetlograd friendship between the peoples of the Caucasus and the Institute of modern technology and the economy.

In addition, the agency denied admission to the Bryansk branch of the Russian University of Cooperation, St. Petersburg Institute of arts education and the branch of Dagestan State Pedagogical University in Derbent.

As reported IA REGNUM , from September 2013 of the license registry were excluded more than 800 Russian universities and branches. It should be noted, in 2016 Rosobrnadzor in an effort to clean up the educational field of “pvsevdovuzov” intends to test more than 600 educational institutions

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