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Leonardo DiCaprio received an Oscar from the inhabitants of Yakutia – OUR NEWSPAPER

He Yakut face and hands choron

News of Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region -. 18.03.2016

 On his page on Instagram photo posted actor statuettes and pathetically thanked all residents


“of the coldest inhabited places.”

 - Thank you residents of Yakutia for this wonderful gift, especially for women who have donated materials for the manufacture of this figurine. As they wrote in a letter, Yakutia – is the coldest inhabited place not only in Russia but throughout the world, so the region is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Increasing temperature is a serious threat for the residents of Yakutia and their way of life and the environment, – wrote DiCaprio Instagram


  The long road from Yakutia

 First, the delegation brought the statue in Moscow, where he met with representatives of “Karo Film”, and then moved to Miami, and then it was sent on, to Los Angeles, where Leonardo DiCaprio and got it.

 Fans of Yakutia also wrote that the public would expect the appearance of an actor with their Oscar.

  Thanked DiCaprio for the film and position in life

Yakut admirers of Hollywood actor decided to present him this symbolic gift, after the drama “Survivor.” Also the head of the delegation noted that it close all the undertakings of the actor: he organized the “Fund for small nature protection”, talking about the protection of nature on the small of her Globe also won


 - Sky is one of us. And let the creativity and art continue to unite us, – said in a heartfelt delegation from Yakutia, when handed a gift to representatives of the film company



  Bizarre Oscar from Yakutia


30-centimeter statue made of pure silver with gold accents. For her sake, about 150 fans of the actor passed their rings, earrings and bracelets to pile a figure.

 They even staged a flash mob: gave only one earring of a pair, the second allowed myself to establish a kind of relationship with DiCaprio

 In total it was collected 1 kilo 386 grams of silver and 3.49 grams of gold. Weight figures about 1.5 kilograms.

 The figure is also packaged in a special tent: traditional summer Żylica Urasa of birch bark, with horsehair. Name Oscar also Yakut, “Elley, speaking with the stars»


 Design Folk figurines differs from its prototype. Firstly, the Yakut “Oscar” is endowed with Asian appearance. Second, he looks up, and the third, in his hand a vessel Yakutia – Choron


  •  Leonardo DiCaprio for his acting career has starred in 30 films, was nominated for “Oscar” five times, but only in 2016 for the title role in “Survivor” received the coveted statuette.


  •  After presenting her as he pointed out that he had forgotten the statuette in the restaurant.


  •  Yekaterinburg is also supported by DiCaprio, awarding him an Oscar even before the ceremony.


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