Friday, March 18, 2016

Schengen visas will be issued in two days – Dni.Ru

Rosturizm negotiates with European countries to reduce the timing of the issuance of visas for Russian citizens. The first went to meet Greece, to increase staff consulates to accelerate the process
Photos.: GLOBAL LOOK press / Carsten Rehder

Russia has been negotiating with the West on arrangements to enable Europe to return the popularity among our citizens. The Federal Tourism Agency believe that to increase the tourist flow to foreign countries must simplify visa procedures. The first steps in this direction did Greece, said the head of the Federal Tourism Agency Oleg Safonov.

“We discussed the possibility with Western colleagues Greeks identified additional people to within one or two days to issue visas.”, – He said. Note that a Schengen visa takes an average of three to five days.

In the representation of the Greek National Tourism Organization confirmed the information. “Consular Greece departments are doing everything possible to maximize the attraction of tourists to increase staff, open more visa centers in Russia.”, – Quotes agency the representative of “Russian News Service”

In addition, the authorities are prepared to issue the documents for a longer period. life – with this spring, most of the tourists received a three-year visa. The Greeks are hoping that this will help to attract Russian tourists, and want to repeat the record of 2013, when the number of visitors has reached nearly 1.5 million.

Also Rosturizm intends to reduce the cost of visas. It acted as a pioneer of Bulgaria, which offers free visas for children and is considering reducing the cost of entry permits for adults.

In turn, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia reported that the most popular among compatriots who buy tours for the summer, enjoy three areas – Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus. They are not far behind the countries of Southeast Asia

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