Friday, March 25, 2016

Reporters learned, because of what is actually Alice Vox kicked out of the “Leningrad» – Cosmo.Ru

The recent performance of the group « Leningrad” in Moscow club Stadium Live surprised all the fans of the group , after Sergei Cords without any prior warning came on the scene without Alice Vox, who performed the hit « exhibit”, but with two new singers – Vasilisa and Florida. This forced the guests to guess the show , that happened between the soloist and the leader of the group. Put forward a set of versions: with jealousy Matilda , Sergey’s wife, to the quarrels between the band members. male The journalists Maxim published material, which claim , that you understand that , what happened.

According to the log source , Cords Sergei could not put up with “star fever” of the girl and asked her to leave. The leader of the « Leningrad” did not want to meet the increasing demands of Alice’s girl , supposed , wanted to get more money , have more time on the stage of , to the rest of the group relegated to the background; as it required more time and opportunity for the development of a solo project

Once the cord is not agreed to these conditions , Vox stopped laid out on the stage in full force. This man does not suffer and become intractable colleague found a replacement. And that’s how , according to a study Maxim , was:” Three or four days ago ( as the report to another insider insider) team “Leningrad “I went for a walk to the bath with a striptease and karaoke. And after a very impressive performance art two performers leisure business, they took both of them into the composition. They went to the scene after a couple of rehearsals. ”

Believe it or not the report of the « secret agent MAXIM», every man for himself decides separately. But the , knowing the habits and character of Sergei Shnurova , we can safely assume, and this version of events. Get the comments from the assistant Alice Vox is now virtually impossible: her phone , as you would expect , pluck reporters.

Recall , Vox Alice came to the group in 2012. Year she worked as a session vocalist , and from 2013 has already become a full member of the team. Together with the girl « Leningrad” recorded many hits , the last of which was the song « exhibit”. After the singer left the band , , she wrote in her Instagram , that starts a solo career , and Cords in my social networks made it clear , that simply dismissed blonde.

On the dismissal of Alice already expressed wife Shnurova , accusing Alice ingratitude and Report , that her husband did not have an affair with Vox , as well as the former vocalist of « Leningrad” Yulia Kogan , which said , that does not consider a Woman talented singer.

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