Saturday, March 19, 2016

Assad: Russian and Iranian support has helped Syrians in the fight against terrorists – News 24 hours –

The military and political support for the Syrian allies, primarily Russia and Iran, productively contributed to the consolidation of the Syrian people in their struggle against terrorism, announced by President Bashar al-Assad at a meeting with the director of strategic on External Relations Council of Iran Kamal Kharrazi in Damascus.

For its part, K. Kharrazi said that Syria’s support for a “coherent and strategic policy” of Iran. “This triumph will strengthen resistance to the attempts of the Western neo-colonialism and its regional associates to impose their will, which is contrary to the true interests of the Middle East nations, defending the sovereignty and the right to decide their own destiny,” – said the Syrian president

Vladimir Putin ordered to start. conclusion group videoconferencing RF Syria from 15 March.

The plan to withdraw Russian troops from Syria has been previously agreed with Assad.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad today welcomed the role of the Russian Federation and Iran resisting terrorism, reported the state news agency SANA. “We see his poise, a sincere desire for peace, a willingness to compromise and dialogue”, – Putin has declared.

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