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Woman and Western: another difficult fate of Natalie Portman in “Jane Got a Gun” – RBC

  Before going to hire his attempts to resuscitate a dead genre of westerns – “the hateful eight” – Quentin Tarantino, no less brilliant theorist movie than practice, said in an interview with New York, that the Western is like no other genre, describes not likely an era in which the action takes place (usually the XIX century), and the decade, which was withdrawn. In this sense, his poor relative – “Western women” – is even more revealing because, firstly, these films before filming is extremely rare, but is now generally every 10-20 years

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  The main character of Joan Crawford in the western “Johnny Guitar” in 1954 did not find happiness in their freedom and wealth, not yet settled with a man – so Hollywood propaganda and society shows a woman, to teach during the Second World do without men, it true place. But after four decades, Sharon Stone’s character in “Quick and the Dead” has already acted on an equal basis with men. In general, in its place could be a young Clint Eastwood. Stone manly, tough and cold, revenge for the murder of their parents, and even in a single sex scene with Russell Crowe played the role of initiator.



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  In our time, when any attempt to remove the western is a rather low-budget game with the genre, and not an attempt to break box office records, the film “Jane Got a Gun”, in which his wife (Natalie Portman), a former gangster, who shot former colleagues, He understands that it is necessary to defend itself – defines a more complex puzzle than just the question of the position of women in society

  In the first place, we do not know exactly what she wanted to tell the director Lynne Ramsay ( “We Need to Talk About Kevin”), originally approved for the project. At first she had a quarrel with the approved the main actor Michael Fassbender, and he refused to appear (as a result of his hero played by Joel Edgerton). Then she Ramsey did not come out on the set the first day of work on the film, pointing to pressure on the part of the producers, who, she said, interfered with her work normally. Immediately after it left the famous operator Darius Khondji and actor Jude Law (in the end it was replaced by Ewan McGregor).



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  So film star Natalie Portman was alone on the set, without a director and partner. Quickly find a new director, the author of “Pride and glory” and “Warrior” Gavin O’Connor, which is clearly not a movie shot, conceived Ramsey. And differently could not be, because Ramsey known psychological dramas, O’Connor and – on the contrary, rough male ekshenom



  Whatever it was, in front of us what happened, and from what is happening on the screen blows not an attempt to breathe new life into a dead genre, and amazing the second time, to the point that “Jane Got a Gun” – in short, informal remake of “Hanni Calder” 1971 where raped Raquel Welch comes to the bounty hunter, so he taught her how to shoot and helped to avenge the killers of her husband and her rapists.

  In general, the plot except those already listed in the “Jane Got a Gun” and nothing happens. But vnesyuzhetny, voice-over point here leads to an ironic conclusion. One of the most prominent actresses of her generation Natalie Portman, even after the “Oscar” for “Black Swan” forced to play a sad love interest komiksovoy “Thor” in endless sequels, finally gets the opportunity to play this character with an inner drama and tragic past in the dead of genres. And the irony is, if directed against the current state of society, particularly against his thirst to watch teenagers and chewed until complete nonsense themes.


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